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FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Squad Selection

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Go for all the points or play it safe and take the draw?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The boys in red hit the road for the next 3 matches, going on their longest road trip of the year and they start things off by visiting the Great White North of Vancouver. The Whitecaps have been struggling this year, and we'll cover more on those in the next couple of days, but overall, where things are so Hansel for FC Dallas the Whitecaps are living up to their name with their cold start to 2016.

As of 4/20, the official league injury report (hahahahaha) has the following update:

OUT: M Alex Zendejas (osteitis publis)

OUT: M Mauro Diaz (hamstring strain)

OUT: D Matt Hedges (torn meniscus, out 4-6 weeks)

OUT: F Coy Craft (loan)

Now on to the big question, what would you do if you're Oscar Pareja? Road games are generally very tricky in MLS and going after a draw is pretty common practice and a positive result, especially when it comes at the expense of a Western conference opponent. However, Vancouver has been poor (337 consecutive minutes without scoring) and this would be a great opportunity to capitalize on their poor form for the three points.

Will you continue with Chris Seitz? Gruezo is available again, does he return into the starting lineup? Do you continue with Victor Ulloa as team captain in the absence of Matt Hedges? Do you think Mauro Rosales is 90 minutes fit yet? Tell us below!

You can see the results here.