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FC Dallas vs Sporting Kansas City: Game grades

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FC Dallas battled back from a goal down to beat SKC on Sunday.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into the match on Sunday night, it was going to be interesting to see how FC Dallas was going to come and play. We’ve seen it a lot of times where a team has a big midweek win and ends up getting their doors blown off following it. There was definitely no let down with the Hoops Sunday night. Even with missing Mauro Diaz again, they were able to find a way to get their second win on the week. For most of the game, they were the dominate team, taking it to the Kansas City defense. In the end, they had to hold on for the three points but were able to do so with a timely goal line clearance by Walker Zimmerman. Let’s see how the players graded out.

Maximiliano Urruti (A+) – Lacked service for most of the match but was able to still make a huge impact on the game. His constant running and quickness was just enough to give a little toe poke to an Acosta through ball to set up the game’s tying goal. Later on in the match, it was Maxi’s ability to run down a subpar pass and get fouled that lead to the Mauro Rosales free kick. A very impressive game figuring he wasn’t getting any service and was still able to set up both goals. I am worried that he won't be able to keep up this pace all year, but right now, he has been our most important player. Definitely my man of the match.

Sidenote: I hope he gets one this week against Vancouver, to help settle the argument of whether he should be our starting #9 or not.

Tesho Akindele (B) - Wasn’t his best game of the year.  He was dangerous going forward, but wasn’t able to get that last pass at his feet in a position to do anything with it. Felt like he faded a little more into the middle of the field in the first half and wasn’t able to do anything on the ball. For whatever reason, he just wasn’t that strong on the ball Sunday night.  He just seemed to be dispossessed with such ease quite a bit. Just wasn’t as effective as he had been the past couple of games.

Fabian Castillo (A) – The best player on the field, for both teams. It looks like Fabian has found his wheels again. He was running around the Kansas City defense like they were standing still. Besides the first match, these past two games have been his strongest performances all year, hands down. We are still waiting for to figure out that left footed shot, and while we do, we will just enjoy everything else he has to offer.

Kellyn Acosta (B+) – Probably his best match of the season. He looked comfortable next to Ulloa. He was able to distribute the ball up field effectively and even had a couple of dangerous shot attempts from outside the box. Defensively, Kellyn did a great job of bodying up the Kansas midfielders and aggressively (while legally) taking the ball off of their feet. It was great to see him have a good game. Hopefully this gets him going in the right direction again.

Victor Ulloa (B+) – Very solid in the midfield. He was tough on the ball and did a great job of being the destroying #6 that we have gotten use to over the past year and a half. I was really happy to see him wear the captain’s armband. He is everything this organization preaches and it’s nice to see him being rewarded for it (Including free Chipotle and a contract extension).

Michael Barrios (A) – Another match, another goal. Barrios has been on a roll lately and it continued Sunday night. Is there another guy in the league who seems to be able to run on all these free balls and find way to score with them? He is always in the right place to take advantage of the other team’s mistakes. Aside from scoring the goal, Michael also did a good job of tracking back to help clog up the midfield in the second half. Another great performance from our leading scorer.

Ryan Hollingshead (B-) - Three games in eight days seemed to have taken it’s toll on Ryan. He looked like he was out of gas at the end of the first half. Sunday night was the first game this year that he was consistently beat out wide, as Brad Davis was able to wiggle free and get a couple of dangerous crosses into the box. Lastly, on the lone Sporting KC goal, Hollingshead lost his marker, leading to an easy tap in on the back post. Not his best game, but we all expect him to bounce back this week, refreshed and ready to wreak havoc on Vancouver's wingers.

Zach Loyd (B) - Is there a guy who makes more goal saving tackles/clearances in the league than Lloyd? It seems like he saves at least a goal a game with these frantic tackles. Even though some of the fault might be his, it’s a gift that will go a long way now that Hedges’ is out for the next month or so.

Walker Zimmerman (B+) – Played a decent match Sunday night. Got caught up field once or twice (looked like Hollingshead played Dom onside) but was bailed out by Seitz.  Overall, he did a good job on Dom Dwyer, leaving him without a goal on the evening. Walker also saved the 3 points with that goal line clearance when Seitz decided to go on an adventure in the box.

Maynor Figueroa (B) - Maynor didn’t have a lot of action Saturday night but held his own most of the night. He did a really good job of staying connected with the rest of the back line. Once Tesho was subbed out, Maynor got forward a little more often, crossing the ball into the box and midfield. Also, he might play the nicest cross on the team, it’s such a thing of beauty. Overall, a decent night.

Chris Seitz (B) – ‘Oh Baby Setiz!!’ Overall, Chris had another solid night. It’s kind of harsh to blame the corner kick on him.  He was sliding over to cover the near post as the ball was going across his body. He stood big a couple of times as the defense leaked an attacking player through on goal, protecting the lead. For the first time this year, he did have a misplay on the ball in box forcing Zimmerman to clear the ball off the line, which he obliged.

Oscar Pareja (B+) - Down a star midfielder, a DP midfielder and the anchor of his backline, Oscar was able set up the team in a position to get 3 points Sunday night. I really enjoyed his wrinkle of putting Castillo up top around the 20th minute. We haven’t seen him do that that much this year, especially with Diaz out of the game. He had the boys focused and they were able to get another home win.


Mauro Rosales (A) - That free kick. Two thoughts from it: 1. How short is Dom Dwyer? 2. Maruo hadn’t even touched the ball in the run of play yet.  It takes some kind of quality to step up and hit that into the side netting.

Juan Esteban Ortiz (Incomplete) Hard to grade figuring it was one way traffic when he came on. Did well enough to help dissolve as much of the play as he could. I look forward to seeing more of Ortiz as the season goes on.

Atiba Harris (B+) - I thought Atiba played well when he came into the game in the second half.  He was able to slow down Brad Davis and limit the amount of crosses coming into the box.

I will take seven points from playing San Jose, Portland, in Portland and Sporting KC in an eight day span. FC Dallas did enough Sunday night to get 3 points off of a good Sporting KC team that will be around towards the end of the season.  We now turn our eyes to a Vancouver match that was always going to be hostile, add Blaz Perez to it and we have must watch TV. Let’s go up there and get another 3 points boys!!

Let me know where you think everyone graded out at.