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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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Now we know about Matt Hedges, so what is next?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The week rolls on as we wait and see what FC Dallas does without Matt Hedges.

// FC Dallas //

Hedges out five to six weeks | Big D Soccer

Yep, this one came down yesterday and all of us were a bit shocked and a bit upset over it. I'd still rather have injuries that can be recovered from in April and May than them pop up in September and October though.

FCD supporters pay tribute to Bobby Rhine |

Bobby would have been 40 years old yesterday. The dude is still always in our thoughts and I think he was looking down on the club in a big way on Sunday.

// MLS //

Are RSL legit? |

While their defense is proving to be able to carry the load of a long season right now, I don't think they'll sustain what they are doing at the moment once we hit the middle of the summer. Still too many question marks of depth too.

Is RSL really this good? |

Yep, it is the topic everyone wants to figure out at the moment since they are unbeaten.

Why the Canadian teams are owning the East in 2016 |

Lets face it, the East is even further down this year than we anticipated. New York and Columbus don't look like their 2015 selves and the rest of the crop are teams that just aren't that good when you really look at them.

Atlanta going all out on training facility | Dirty South Soccer

Just based on the images alone this facility looks legit. I keep saying it but this Atlanta front office continues to hit the right buttons here in their prep for their expansion season next year.

Parkhurst red was disappointing to ref chief |

While the red card was later rescinded yesterday by MLS, things aren't going well for the league's refs as this was a case of carding the wrong player. Not good.

Why context is crucial in evaluating refs | The Goat Parade

Yeah, but I still want to yell at them.

Shipp gets back to soccer after seeing Chicago | FourFourTwo

It must have been an odd weekend for Harry Shipp to play his old club. But trades are apart of the game and he's certainly seemed to be getting over it well in Montreal.

LA's stars finally wake up in Week 7 |

I guess Gio dos Santos really needed a trip to Texas to find his groove. I'm thankful it wasn't found in Dallas.