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View from the East Stand: Sold Out Stadium!

It was a sold out game at Toyota Stadium as Sporting Kansas City visited Dallas on a warm rainy afternoon.

The decision to drive all the way from Wylie/Sachse area to Frisco for a potentially postponed game due to lightening and heavy rain was one that was not taken lightly. The whole drive out there was nothing but pouring rain while on George Bush Turnpike, which had no signs of letting up until getting to Frisco. Once the exit for Main St was taken, the clouds parted, the rain stopped and there was the beautiful stadium. Ready to host an exhilarating game for those lucky, nay, brave enough to weather the storm and get to the promised land.

The Game

The weather was actually amazing for the game. It was cloudy sure, but he rain let up just in time. There wasn't a drop of rain falling from right before or during the game until around the 90th minute. The players were definitely slipping a number of times though with the pitch still plenty wet. Thankfully there was also no thunder to postpone it for a couple hours like with the Toronto game last year!

Wow. One of the most tense home games of the season. No Matt Hedges, no Mauro Diaz, and no Carlos Gruezo. Our group thought we were sure goners with an SKC side getting Matt Besler back and Dom Dwyer leading the line. Going down a goal, drawing level through Barrios, going ahead and then holding on to dear life as Chris Seitz snagged us the points was an amazing rollercoaster to experience live. Those who didn't make it definitely missed out on a fantastic game.

The Crowd

As previously stated, it was a sparse crowd. Despite the sparseness of the crowd, however, it was FC Dallas' first sell out game of the year! Which is fantastic, but I'm not too thrilled that we're seemingly counting a 'Houston sell out' as an actual sold out game. There were tickets sold to a number of youth soccer groups that decided not to show up due to the weather, but it also seemed like the private party had a number of people not show up for the game either.

Sporting Kansas City fans were definitely present though. The opponents' supporters section moved to the southwest corner, and were inaudible for the entire match save for the one goal that was put past Seitz. When I first heard the game was sold out, I was a little worried that Kansas City sent their supporters groups out here and it was sold out due to the influx of SKC fans coming. Fortunately that wasn't the case.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "This is what a sold out stadium looks like in Dallas." - Guy from London snapchatting beside me panning his phone to show the stadium, and finally to me to which I said "hey, I showed up."

Did you brave the weather to make it out to the game? Should we start 'selling out' games the Houston way? Or should we just keep on selling around 13,000 seats a game? Let me know in the comments below!