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Big D Daily: News for Friday, April 15, 2016

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FCD now sets their sights on SKC.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

And just like that we are at the weekend here as FC Dallas is back in town and are getting ready to host SKC on Sunday.

// FC Dallas //

Five things we learned in Portland | Big D Soccer

A bit of a second call on this piece from yesterday afternoon. The win over Portland was a good one for FCD but there are still things to point out and move forward on.

How the pressure worked against Portland | Big D Soccer

And another one from yesterday (we had a ton of great stuff if you haven't read it all yet).

Urruti had his best game yet in a FCD uniform |

It really wasn't a surprise to see Maximiliano Urruti have his best game on Wednesday against his old club. He had a lot to prove to the Timbers and in the end, he proved a ton to us FCD folks.

// MLS //

Garber on next round of expansion |

Don Garber visited Sacramento yesterday, saying all the usual stuff that he normally would about an expansion hopeful. From the sounds of everything, the next round of expansion will begin in 2020. Sacramento seem like the obvious candidate to join then, but the next question will be whether or not it is St. Louis or San Antinio joining them.

Garber surveys Sacramento |

If you don't read anything from this piece, at least check out the stadium renderings for this place. Holy moly, that stadium looks like it will be awesome.

Garber confirms next round of expansion | Indomitable City Soccer

ICS is our Sacramento affiliate here at SBN. Naturally they were on hand yesterday for the whole show there with Garber.

Garber hopes Sacramento joins MLS by 2020 |

Hopes is a very interesting word to use in that title but it is what Donny Soccer was spinning yesterday afternoon in the California capital.

Detroit mentioned as possible expansion candidate for MLS | CBS Detroit

Yep, put it on the pile of cities wanting in.

Jones and Drogba return to action this weekend |

After a month or so out, Jermaine Jones is ready to go in Colorado while Didier Drogba is back for Montreal this weekend.

Red card inconsistency baffles Ben Olsen | Black and Red United

I'm sure Ben isn't the only person the refs are confusing these days.

De Jong tackle should have been a red |

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Sigi on USL: Its better than the NCAA |

I would hope it is better than a three month college season.