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FC Dallas vs. Portland Timbers - Match Predictions

The Western Conference rematch on the road seems to bode well for the reigning champions.

Many of the gang think Urruti gets his revenge tonight.
Many of the gang think Urruti gets his revenge tonight.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We have all been predicting wins to no avail, so we changed the tone a little bit for this midweek match.

Andy earned himself a point for predicting the Tesho goal. Way to go!

Taylor 7
Ben 6
Drew 5

Scoring breakdown for the season will be implemented using the following:

1 for predicting the correct result

3 points bonus for predicting the exact score

3 point bonus (optional) for nailing the correct scorers for FC Dallas only.

Maximum available weekly points are 7 points.

Name Result FCD POR Comments
Andy Jaeger Loss 1 2 Timbers desperately need a win to get out of the bottom of the table. FCD holds strong with a goal from Castillo, but Portland enforces it's will this game and pulls out the win.
Ben Lyon Draw 1 1 Total dart throw, I admit it. It's less of one than guessing the starting XI, but a wild guess, nonetheless. Urruti scores on his old team, and Timbers score in stoppage time to salvage a point.
Cody Gamond Win 2 1 A depleted Portland side gives up an early goal off a corner, with Hedges the scorer. Urruti scores against his old team after half time, but Adi scrabbles one back to keep it close.
Drew Epperley Draw 1 1 Portland losing Darlington Nagbe on Sunday definitely will hurt their attack but they're struggling just as much as FCD is right now across the board. This one screams draw to me as both teams are coming in on short rest with a weekend game to deal with too.
Jared Tilley Loss 1 2 Barrios scores on a counter to take 1-0 lead. Portland ties the game through Adi. Dallas picks up a red card early in the second and let's in the winning goal on a corner, probably off of Borchers' big ol' head.
Jason Poon Loss 0 2 Hoping to stop this two game winless slide by predicting a loss.
Mohammad Bushnaq Draw 2 2 A midweek unknown awaits us, but FC Dallas and the Timbers play to a thrilling draw in Portland. Kellyn gets on the board with his first of the season, Gruezo earns himself a one game suspension, and Barrios burns the Timbers for a goal before the home side sends the crowd into pandemonium with a late draw. I really hope it is not 0-0.
Nathan Hill Draw 0 0 FC Dallas is content to set up shop away, keep Mauro healthy, and hope Barrios or Castillo can pressure Portland’s defense. While it doesn’t work, they get a tough road draw and no one gets injured. Meanwhile, fans in Portland become mesmerized by Ryan Hollingshead’s man bun, and a new craze breaks out - "the beard bun". (Note - not the beard and man bun craze - that already exists).
Phil Luetchford Loss 1 2 Revenge will have to wait as the Timbers take the only meeting at Providence Park this year. Portland will be missing Darlington Nagbe and Dallas will probably missing be Mauro Diaz. That makes us even, right? Well, no. Caleb Porter can deploy Ned Grabavoy in central midfield with Diego Chara and Diego Valeri and get his engine up and running again. Oscar Pareja hasn't figured out what to do without Mauro's magic. Will he try the 4-2-4 with Tesho again? The frequent long range shots are getting old. Adi and Castillo score from the run of play, while Borchers gets a headed goal from a set piece (ugh). If Mauro plays, it will be 2-2 with a goal from former Timber Maxi Urruti as the fans sing a song about how they wish they could have him back.
Ryan Scalon Loss
1 3 Timbers take it. Adi brace and (insert name of that British CB here) grab the goals for Portland while Urruti gets a consolation goal towards the end. FCD fans collectively take to Twitter and start #fcdtragedy
Scott Hiney Draw 1 1 This game feels like its going to be a snoozer so it’ll probably be awesome. That being said, I can’t see either team getting more than a goal right now. Urruti and Adi the scorers.
Taylor Hester Loss 1 2 FCD surprisingly goes up first by the former Timber, Urruti. But Portland storms back and puts two away in the second half. Adi and Valeri the goals. #NoDiazNoParty