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2016 MLS Season, Week 6: What we learned

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One bad tackle may have ruined the entire weekend in Major League Soccer.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone was in action this past weekend in MLS, including a triple header on TV Sunday afternoon/evening. We know how the FC Dallas game went on Saturday (more on that coming up) but let's take a moment to go through the other games around the league.

About that tackle

Who had six games into the season for a bad tackle from Nigel de Jong?

In all seriousness though this was one of those things we thought would be cracked down enough with the red cards that have made headlines this season but de Jong's tackle on Darlington Nagbe only received a yellow! A yellow!

Say what you will though about the tackle. It was certainly not a safe play like de Jong stated after the game. Sure, he admits his regret in that challenge, but to think that was a winnable play may be something else entirely.

Mike Magee summed it up well on the broadcast after the game. Tackles like that have no place in this game. All I can say is get well soon Nagbe.

Rough times for New York and Columbus

Who would have thought that six weeks into the season that both New York Red Bulls and the Columbus Crew would have a combined one win between them. Neither team is terrible on paper but something isn't clicking well with either side in the early goings of the season. I will say each lost to some good teams over the weekend in SKC and Montreal.

Take New York for example, their loss on Saturday at home to Sporting KC wasn't as much about SKC's ability to move the ball on the wings and create chances. It comes down to the fact that the Red Bulls defending is just not anywhere near what it was a season ago. The shape and organization of their defense is so disjointed at the moment that teams are running circles around them and through them.

Columbus on the other hand are just struggling to get their attack going. Part of this is due to their midfield not being on the same page collectively as their attack.

Who had a better own goal?

I shouldn't joke too much about this but we saw two own-goals that eventually helped tie a game this weekend. Nat Borchers and Victor Bernardez had two great headers that just happened to end up in the wrong net. Borchers was a late game-tying goal, while Bernardez came in just after the hour mark on Saturday.

Who had the better one? I'll let you discuss. My vote goes to Bernardez.

Other random thoughts:

Other results in the West helped FCD out. I'm a bit pressed for time this week to do a few other quick random thoughts but looking at how the others did this weekend in the West, we shouldn't complain too much about a draw a home. Houston, Seattle, LA, Portland all split points. Vancouver got hammered by DCU. At some point RSL and SKC will come back down to reality but I don't see them pulling away with things too much just yet.