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View from the East Stand: Frustrating Draw

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All night it seemed like we were knocking on the door, and not busting it down like we normally do.

Chilly night in Frisco as FC Dallas looked to finish the two game homestand with a positive note against Dominic Kinnear's San Jose Earthquakes.

The drive in was surprisingly easy, not as much traffic as usual coming through downtown Frisco. Side question here really quick, does anyone know if those $10 for parking people actually own the plot of land that they're selling parking in? We've always wondered that when passing by them on our way to the remote parking so we can let the Wing Stop settle. The general consensus before the game was that this was the perfect team to beat before we went on the road again....

Come On Attack!

Remember when Fabian Castillo used to beat defenders one on one? Those were good times, but in the first half I had row 4 seats to the Marvell Wynne Show, as he had Castillo staying silent other than one shot at the very beginning saved by Bingham. The only guy in the first half I was really liking on the offensive side was a defender, Ryan Hollingshead. That dude looked like the only guy trying to get a goal! Is Mauro the only reason we win games or something?

The FCD defense really didn't do much better though, with old man Chris Wondolowski getting a predictable goal and Quintero having an awesome shot. It was more their defense that stood out with solid play other than a pen and the own goal. The pen was easily avoidable while the own goal was, well it didn't seem like Vic knew where his goal was.

San Jose Players, and Wondo

The crowd really let the players and Wondo have it. At the same time though, it seemed like the San Jose players were going down at least one every 15 minutes. The boos rang out everytime a SJ player was on the ground as the crowd felt like they were attempting to slow down the game. It kind of felt that way, especially when none of them were subbed off due to injury. Not sure how I feel about booing players every time they go down though.

Then there was Wondolowski. He reminds me a lot of Kyle Beckerman in that they make a nest for themselves in the ref's ear and do not let up for the entire game. The man in yellow even had a talking to with Chris in the first half to get him to shut up. It's about time yellow team listened to the crowd for once.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "Dude! High fived Moises Hernandez after that goal!" - Apparently Moises Hernandez was sitting in section 103 last night. Miss that guy being on the field though....

Anyone know if those charging for parking in the fields to the east of the stadium own the plots of land? Or are authorized to operate there? Does anyone think booing downed players is justified if they don't sub out injured? Let me know in the comments below!