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Interactive schedule for both FC Dallas and OKC Energy FC

Making it easier to see home- and road- heavy stretches

Hey guys, long time no see. I prepared visual schedules for every club in MLS, NASL, and USL on my blog, and couldn't resist re-jiggering the presentation to focus on our beloved FCD with a link to this year's USL affiliate, Oklahoma City Energy.

As usual, Dallas starts the season mostly in Texas then has concentrations of road fixtures as the weather heats up (4 road and 1 home April 13th-May 7th is particularly noteworthy). If they stay consistent amid these home/away shifts early on, it bodes well for their chances finally get the Supporters Shield, which they were robbed of by dumb tiebreakers last year. Also, it's worth noting that FCD has a pretty favorable schedule in that they only play LA and Vancouver twice each, but unfortunately Colorado is the other Western club that they don't face 3 times.