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FC Dallas vs Philadelphia Union: Match Prediction

What do the staff have to say about this weekend's season opener?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Name Result FCD PHI Comments
Becky Chabot

Ben Lyon Win 3 0 Mauro picks out runners left and right. Philly's re-vamped back line is continually crossed up on the offside trap, and Dallas coasts in the home opener.
Brian Wachholz

Drew Epperley Win 2 1 FCD gets an early goal from Fabian Castillo and a late one from Maxi Urruti to get the first win of the season.
Edin Halilovic

Jason Poon Win 3 1 FCD starts the year strong with goals coming from Urruti, Castillo and Hedges. Chants for "Bonner Rising" (term courtsey of Brian Wachholz) can be heard from the Beer Garden in waning minutes.
Jeremy Villanueva

Mohammad Bushnaq Win 2 1 FC Dallas starts off the season with a bang at home. Mauro is involved in both goals and Urruti becomes an instant fan favorite with a goal to win it in the last ten minutes.
Nathan Hill Win 2 0 It could be much worse for Philly, but FCD comes out with a nice early goal from Urruti, struggles a little, and then finishes the game with a beautiful Diaz stunner. It’s just the beginning.
Phil Luetchford Win 4 0 With Edu and Barnetta out, Philly has no one to contain Diaz in the midfield. Mauro runs wild with a goal and 3 assists, 2 of them to Maxi Urruti to kick the season off in style.
Ryan Scanlon Win 1 0 Gonzalez comes in and starts the season off with a clean sheet. We get a late goal from Barrios who runs past a tired Philly defense and slots it in.
Scott Hiney Win 3 1 The Argentines Diaz and Urruti start the scoring off before the Union make it interesting. But in the final moments, Michael Barrios seals the win.
Taylor Hester Win 2 1 FCD is shaky at defense all game and let's in a goal, but comes away with three points behind a dynamite attack.