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Big D Daily: News for Friday, March 6, 2016

Soccer is finally here! Soccer is finally here!

FC Dallas/Olivia Brestal

The regular season is finally upon us here!

// FC Dallas //

Know you Enemy: Scouting Philadelphia |

We'll be rolling out all of our scouting and preview items today but here is a good first stop with the team's look at the Union.

FCD and LA look like the best in the west | American Soccer Now

You'll likely see a ton of predictions saying that FCD is the top dog this year in the West.

FCD is building a long-term contender | MLS Multiplex

Normally building around youth takes time but FCD has certainly found a way to make it work here over the last couple of season under Oscar Pareja.

// MLS //

2016 MLS Preview |

All the MLS blogs and the SBN Soccer folks worked pretty dang hard on this preview guide for this season. Hope you enjoy it.

PRO outlines key points for refs in 2016 |

Get to know this kind of stuff now so you won't be upset with an official when he calls something random on Sunday.

DCU acquires keeper Charlie Horton | Black and Red United

This may be one of those under-reported moves going into the season but with Bill Hamid out for a while, I wouldn't be shocked to see a guy like Horton get plenty of time in goal.

Vieira sees MLS's growth similar to EPL's |

Pretty high praise from the new boss over at NYCFC.

Can Villa, Lampard and Pirlo get on the same page? | Fox Soccer

Speaking of NYCFC, all three DPs have been in camp for the full preseason unlike last year when it was just David Villa. It will be really intriguing to see how well those three do with a full season in MLS.

Why MLS shouldn't worry about losing to Liga MX | Fox Soccer

I've been saying for a while that even though the CCL is important to MLS, it shouldn't be the end all/be all of how they judge things here.

Gerrard shocked by the difficulties in MLS |

I'm starting to get shocked by the amount of times he continues to say how shocked he is that MLS is tough.

Zardes gets contract extension | LAG Confidential

Good on LA to get Gyasi Zardes a new contract here as the season is set to begin this weekend. I'd rather see that club continue to develop a guy like him than go out and get an over the hill European player.

Why MLS should sell itself and not the American dream | The Guardian

A very interesting take on how MLS is growing in the world's eye. Even more interesting to see that it is coming close in popularity to the Serie A in Italy.