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FC Dallas unveils new primary jersey

Some hoops return in this year's kits.

FC Dallas Communications

The day has finally come as FC Dallas unveiled their new primary jersey at the annual Cocktails and Cleats event. The new primary kit will be available to purchase and boy is it going to be worth getting after seeing it.

As you can see, the hoops are coming back this year as the new designs has the updated Advocare logo to go inside a couple shades of red in the middle of the kit with white outlines. The neck and sleeves also get some outlined color with white and blue on the trim. Like with other kits this year in MLS, the three adidas stripes go down the side of the kit.

Let's also not forget the new white shorts that will be used with this kit.

What do you all make of these new kits? Are you pleased with how they turned out this year?

*Big thanks to Leigh Anne Gullett from FC Dallas' communications office for providing the photos.