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View From the East: C'mon Commentators

Even incredibly amazing matches can be made hard to watch due to the men on the mics. There's always mute!

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FC Dallas was in D.C. United which means fans in Dallas were stuck watching it on whatever means we can find. If anyone was watching the stream on Live, you got to hear one set of announcers that were definitely not the greatest to give an understatement. I had to leave during the half, and on the drive I listened instead to the broadcast on 100.7 The Word. It was a breathe of fresh air from the homer commentating on the DC United broadcast on Live. Despite those modern day problems, FC Dallas finished March off very strongly with a win that helped me sleep like a baby that night.

Bizarre Commentating

Could have used mean words in the paragraph header, but the commentating on the DC United broadcast was just that, bizarre. MLS broadcasts normally aren't the very best, but even after some alcohol I found myself wondering what the guys in the booth were talking about. Very homer-ish as you'd expect, but it almost sounded like these guys were in complete denial about the events occurring before their eyes.

According to the guys on the mics, every goal that was scored by FCD was not really on FC Dallas being a good team in any way shape or form. But instead just the unlucky randomness of the game as a whole. In the fictional world of theirs, DC United were actually playing very well to their standards.

Here were some lines used:

"Ironically its' been a pretty good half." Halftime score was 2-0 in favor of Dallas in case you forgot...

"DC United has nothing but time" - Said while DCU were down 0-3. Technically he's right, they had nothing, they had time...sort of...

"There's nothing from FC Dallas that worries me." The irony of this statement post-game is too sweet not to put up here.

The Word 100.7

After halftime I had to be on the road, and luckily The Word had Steve Davis on the call who was a breathe of fresh air. His commentary was a little more FC Dallas slated, such as knowing the players and their stories, but at least the dude called the game effectively. Instead of trying to be cute or fancy he called the game, gave some fun facts, and gave his opinions at times. Much more enjoyable listen, and definitely recommend muting the TV broadcast and putting on 100.7 from your phone or radio.

And now your fan quote of the night: "Other than those 2 goals we're ahead by, yeah I guess we haven't shown anything?"

Was I just too sensitive about the commentators, or did y'all think they were some of the worst? Anyone else ever listen to 100.7? Who's just happy that we're coming home with 3 points on the road? Let me know in the comments below!