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FC Dallas vs. DC United - Match Predictions

Will the international call-ups hurt FCD's chances in the nation's capital?

Ben is celebrating like this guy as he moves to the top of the standings.
Ben is celebrating like this guy as he moves to the top of the standings.
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Drew, Ben, and Nathan are atop the standings this week with four points each.

Ben earned three points last week (one for predicting the correct result, the W, and two BONUS for getting both scorers right but not getting the correct number of goals for Maxi).

I almost docked Jason points for predicting a two goal loss last week. Consider this a warning.

Scoring breakdown for the season will be implemented using the following:

1 for predicting the correct result

3 points bonus for predicting the exact score

3 point bonus (optional) for nailing the correct scorers for FC Dallas only.

Maximum available weekly points are 7 points.

Name Result FCD DCU Comments

Ben Lyon Win 5 3 Just shy of the wild ass l DC-RSL result last year.  Barrios opens and confirms his account with a brace.
Cody Gamond Win 3 1 The defense is able to handle itself with a core of Loyd Hedges and Hollingshead. Offense gets firing with 2 goals from Fabian Castillo and 1 from Michael Barrios.
Drew Epperley Draw 1 1 The international call ups are going to be too much for FCD to secure three points on the road but they will find a way to get a draw.
Jared Tilley Win 3 1 We score first on a counter attack. Barrios gets his first of the year. Our make shift back line gives up a junk goal right before halftime. We come out in the second half and score in the 60th minute with a through ball to Urruti. Fabien puts the game away in the 80th minute.
Jason Poon Draw 0 0 Dallas plays for the draw in a very dull affair.
Mohammad Bushnaq Draw 1 1 This one has draw written all over it. Barrios gets on the board for FC Dallas but it is nullified before the end of the first half. Both teams have chances in the second half but one keeper saves a PK to preserve the draw.
Nathan Hill Loss 2 1 This is a classic trap game for FC Dallas who give up a late goal despite a gutsy performance. Meanwhile, one of RFK Stadium's raccoons catches a ride back to Texas with FCD and becomes a breakout member of the roster, scoring 6 goals in 4 games before being sidelined due to rabies.
Phil Luetchford Win 2 1 International absences are no problem as Dallas has quality players to cover. The front seven is still intact and more than capable of running around, through, and over a D.C. United team still missing Perry Kitchen. Castillo is back to his usual ways with a goal in the first half. Neagle pulls one back but Urruti seals the deal in the second. The West domination of the East continues another year.
Ryan Scalon



FCD get out to a great 2-0 start thanks to Barrios and Ulloa. But the 13,000 man DCU crowd cheers their team to rally back for a point. With Neagle the bagel getting the brace.
Scott Hiney



FC Dallas actually plays well in this one because while the defense is decimated, the offense is still potent and besides a goal to DCU, FC Dallas does well to handle the international window.
Taylor Hester Win 3 0 DC looks absolutely awful so far this season and has nothing positive going forward other than Lucho. If Dallas contains him, they get the shutout. Barrios, Mauro, and Maxi with the goals. Party.