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Big D Daily: News for Friday, March 25, 2016

FCD is off to Washington to battle United.

FC Dallas Communications

The weekend is nearly here and for some of you it is a three-day weekend. FC Dallas is on its way to DC for the weekend.

// FC Dallas //

U-16s drop heartbreaker in GA Cup semis |

It wasn't meant to be for the lone MLS side left in the GA Cup tournament as FCD fell last night to La U out of Chile.

FCD academy sides doing well in Dallas Cup |

The U-18s are in to the semifinals after a win the other night. Several other academy sides are in the knockout rounds of this tournament that wraps up this weekend.

Rosales on Johan Cruyff's passing |

You probably can't find too many players these days that haven't see a YouTube clip of Cruyff from back in the day. I know I grew up hearing the name and seeing the old tapes of him play.

// MLS //

Beckham's group acquires land for stadium | Miami Herald

Okay, lets be clear they got part of the land that they need to get this stadium build. They still need to get more from the city of Miami to clear the way for dirt to move and steel to go up.

LAFC focus on academy and building towards USL and MLS |

While some things the new LA side hasn't done right they are killing it with building up their academy and brand these days. LAFC's U-12s are here in Dallas for the GA Cup's 7v7 tournament. Pretty cool to think that some of these kids could be the future of that MLS side.

United to plan for NASL season and to focus on MLS | KSTP

Minnesota's United are beginning their final season in the NASL here. It will be interesting to see how much of this side gets carried over to MLS next year.

Felipe wins SBN player of the week |

Here is week three of our network's POW poll. Felipe had my vote for what it is worth.

Sounders officially add Gomez | Sounder at Heart

I'm still a bit surprised FCD didn't at least take a look at Herculez Gomez this preseason when Toronto pitched him to the curb. Seattle won't have any trouble fitting him into the salary cap either according to this.

Foreign players we want to see in MLS | Fansided

Here is a fun list of foreign guys some folks want to see come play in MLS. I think only a couple of them make sense, while the rest would be over prices and probably not worth the trouble.