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Big D Daily: News for Friday, March 18, 2016

The weekend is nearly here as March Madness is under way.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best sports weekends in the US is underway with the NCAA tournament kicking off yesterday. I won't get into my brackets here but so far I'm doing alright.

// FC Dallas //

Ripe for a rebound | Dallas Soccer News

We've seen the bad blowout before with this group but in the past they did find a way to turn those kinds of losses into a positive spree of games.

Gonzalez called into Mexican U-23 camp |

It looks like Jesse Gonzalez will miss next week's game at DCU with this news.

U-16s set sights on GA prize |

The U-16s were a dominate side in 2016 and while some of those players have moved up to the U-18s this year, the goals remain the same.

// MLS //

Armchair Analyst: Injuries and depth a worry for Portland |

Just with any championship team, the following year in MLS you wonder about who will get injured to derail the season and whether or not you have the depth to make it work out.

Wenger beat Dwyer in first SBN POTW poll |

All of us at SBN are starting to do a weekly Player of the Week ballot. Here is how the first two weeks actually went down and unlike the league's POTW results, we actually show are votes. [Sidebar: I voted the same way in each poll for those who care.]

Atlanta should hire the best available manager | Dirty South Soccer

I have to admit, I'm very intrigued by what Atlanta has been able to do so far in their expansion build up. But seeing who they can score as a manager will set the tone in a big way as to how this team will actually be next year.

MLS in Charlotte will require new stadium and deep pocketed owner | Business Journal

Just as it would be with any expansion team. But in all seriousness, Charlotte has been one of those markets I know the league has been keeping a close eye on for the last few years. Think of it as one of those dots on the map that they want to connect at some point.

MLS powers hope for turnaround in week 3 |

Plenty on the line this weekend  around the league but none may be bigger than our game on Saturday.

Who's hot and who's not in 2016 |

I may be a little early to do one of these things but here it is after two weeks.

Drama series in the work about the 70s New York Cosmos | Deadline

Uh, yes. Sign me up for this kind of show. I'd love to see it on a good channel like FX or even a streaming platform like Netflix. Just don't go to NBC, that is where good shows go to die these days.