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FC Dallas vs Montreal Impact: Squad Selection

How many changes would you do to get things back on track?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It's still very early in the season, but after the complete lackluster display from the starting XI against Houston last weekend, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if a few of you opted to make some changes in the lineup to shake things up. The Montreal Impact come into town looking like a serious MLS Cup contender this year. all the while, without their impact (sorry) striker Didier Drogba. Drogba will travel with the team, having skipped out on the first games because of turf and is expected to make his first appearance of 2016 against Dallas.

The official injury report only has the following listed:

OUT - M Alex Zendejas (osteitis pubis)

F Coy Craft (meniscus surgery recovery)

Though reports coming out of FC Dallas are saying that Craft is actually recovered and ready to go.

What will you do if you're Oscar Pareja? Will you stay the course and not make reactionary changes, keeping what you believe is your best starting XI? Will you make some small changes to send a message to certain players that their performance was unacceptable? Or will you make wholesale changes and start an entirely different starting XI? This team was built for depth this year and could certainly handle a completely new starting lineup. Let us know below and fire off in the comments on your thoughts as well!

You can see the results here.