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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We're halfway to the weekend.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The week rolls on as FC Dallas continues prepping for Montreal.

// FC Dallas //

FCD hits the film room to help move past Houston | Dallas Morning News

Most teams watch film of their previous games early in the week. FCD did so as they normally do but they added a little extra twist to the film watching this week.

Craft back from injury, ready to compete | Dallas Morning News

A couple of the Dallas HGPs were out of commission to start the season according to the injury reports. Thankfully Coy Craft is back and ready to earn a spot on the game day roster.

Players are ready to bounce back this weekend |

The one thing about getting blown out is it shows young players they have to move on quickly. Hopefully FCD doesn't get into any funk following the Houston loss.

Drogba to travel to Dallas for weekend clash |

Bring it. I'm pumped to be potentially able to see Didier Drogba though either way.

// MLS //

Dwyer of 2014 is critical to SKC's success |

Dom Dwyer is looking like his old self again after this past weekend's win for SKC. If he isn't leading SKC in goals this year, then they aren't a playoff team. Period.

Don't buy the hype, the Earthquakes are terrible | LAG Confidential

A bit of slamming the rival but this piece has plenty of good points in it. Between the way their offense runs to their depth, this San Jose team does have some potential to be bad even if they are good at the moment. Still, we're just two games in folks.

Gillett Stadium, turf the elephant in the room for MLS's ambitions | Four Four Two

I love seeing Steve Davis write on outlets like this as he really gets to lay some hard truths out there. This one is once again on point as MLS has to get to a point where they aren't using turf.

DC commissioner thinks proposed stadium looks like a prison | Fox Soccer

Well that isn't a nice thing to say about a stadium.

MLS to test video replay at youth tournament |

We always knew MLS would push the envelope a bit with video replay and now they are getting closer as they are using it in this weekend's GA Cup here in Dallas.