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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We're halfway through the first month of the season.

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend can't come soon enough as FC Dallas fans look to erase last weekend.

// FC Dallas //

Five things we learned from the Houston loss | Big D Soccer

A bit of a last call on this one as we looked yesterday at some key points in the loss last Saturday. Plenty to go on, and plenty to learn from for sure.

FCD's loss is a trend for a young team | Four Four Two

It happened last year (thrice) and once before that in 2014. Young teams are great but they are still immature at times to handle things.

How Marcus Owens makes FCD go |

Need a good story to start your day? Look no further than to this one about the FCD equipment manager. Very fascinating stuff.

Two FCD girls qualify for the U-17 World Cup |

Another feel good kind of thing is seeing some stuff like this out of the academy program. We talk a lot on here about the boys teams but the girls teams are starting to produce a lot of good talent of their own as well.

// MLS //

Freewheeling Dynamo make a statement |

Houston has scored eight goals in two games. Will that last? Absolutely not. But so far they are making things very interesting in the West this season.

How does NYCFC accommodate Pirlo |

I feel like each week someone is asking how NYCFC handles some player. This week it is Andrea Pirlo.

Portland lands Mattocks in trade with Vancouver | Stumptown Footy

Darren Mattocks needed out of Vancouver in the worst possible way and he probably landed in the best possible spot for him with his old college coach Caleb Porter. The Timbers only had to give up TAM, GAM and an international roster spot to make it happen.

Gomez training with Seattle | Sounder at Heart

I'm kind of bummed that Dallas didn't give Herculez Gomez a consideration here. Guess we weren't big enough for him though.

TFC shoots down Podolski talk | Toronto Sun

Toronto continues to remain one of the most ambitious teams on the open market in the league. I'd love to see them bring a guy like Lucas Podolski over here.

MLS season off to an unpredictable start |

Yep. It sure as hell is.

Everything you thought you knew about MLS is a lie | Fox Soccer

Again, yep, it sure as hell is.