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View From The East: Absolutely Embarrassing!

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There always comes a time when streaks end, like our winning streak against Houston...but not like this...

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This was the most spectacular implosion of a soccer team that I've seen in a long time. Props to all the supporters that made the trek down there, but also my sympathies for having to watch that absolute garbage display by our team. Every single player on that pitch was off his game in an appalling way that makes me wonder how we even pulled off the week 1 win. Up front, in the middle, and at the back especially it was just an absolute comedy. The only positive is that the game was actually on TV, unless if you had MLS Live that is. And that there's whiskey...there's always whiskey...


"Horror show" is one label we can put on what happened Saturday night. The passing was non-existent. It's like Oscar Pareja told the guys to forget all that chemistry from last week and just try to go it alone Rambo style. The body language from the boys said one thing: 'uninterested'. Absolutely uninspired performance that had me contemplating whether this team would even be making the playoffs. Almost a Jekyll and Hyde type showing so far this season. Not only did we have no chemistry, we let the Houston freaking Dynamo look like Barcelona out there.

Defense?! REALLY?!

Really guys? It's a wonder how this team kept a clean sheet in the first game. This looked like my Sunday League's defending, and that is not an exaggeration. Miracles kept the scoreline at only 5-0 at the fulltime whistle, and it should have been much more with the lackadaisical play on the defensive side. They made me bring out the whiskey by the 3rd goal. By the middle of the second half the situation in my house devolved into half drunk yelling at the TV, random insults at players on both teams.

The worst part is all the Houston fans able to finally get out of their chairs with those trophies next to them and gloat. If this would've been a close loss, then we could still confidently point to the previous 5 meetings and have that as ammo. After a 5-0 loss however, that almost seems to go out the window. They swatted our 5-0 streak with a 5-0 victory, and such an emphatic victory can trump the past. Which is funny, because the Dynamo always seem to love living in the past...

Can't put up a fan quote, all the fan quotes I remember during the game were filled with vulgarity...

Did you continue watching once we went down 4-0? Who turned it off once they scored the 5th goal? Should we start to panic, or go full Nate Diaz and take it on the chin knowing this is a long run? Let me know in the comments below!