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Going down memory lane in the Texas Derby

While the last two years have been great against Houston, it all got started on one March afternoon in 2013.

Sunday, March 17, 2013. It was a beautiful spring day in Texas. The day I got my green FC Dallas shirt. It was also the day after St. Patty's Day and I remember walking into the stadium, still worn out from the previous day's activities. I wanted to be there but initially my head wasn’t in it. Once the teams came out onto the pitch, everything changed.

Something stirs inside of me anytime I see those orange jerseys. Especially in our stadium. Maybe it’s because I’ve to listen to my friends from Houston tell me how great their club is. How they’ve won two titles. It’s great. I especially love hearing from people who don’t even watch soccer. With that being said, anytime we play the Dynamo, I hope their fan group leaves by the 70th minute, because the match is out of reach. In 2013, I felt the same way.

My memory is a bit hazy from that day, but I’m pretty sure I remember it being broken up into three parts, like any good western.

Act 1. (FC Dallas 2 - Houston 0) The streets are busy with men and women in their Sunday bests. Little children are playing and laughing without a care in the world. Everything is as it should be, with the sheriffs patrolling the town. The law were a kind but powerful group. Every now and then a raider or a bandit would come into town trying to cause trouble, but the sheriffs would handle the situation without problem. It was as if everything was too good to be true.

Act 2. (FC Dallas 2 - Houston 2) The bandits decide it was their time for glory. They try to usurp the authority of the sheriff's. Houston rode into town, sending the villagers running inside their homes. They declared, "This town is ours!" Everyone was scared. Their attack was so quick that it caught the sheriffs off guard. They were outmanned and out flanked. Not that long ago, everything was perfect in the world. Now, what was a beautiful day, turned into disaster. All was lost. The town was silent and scared, in need of rescuing.

Act 3. (FC Dallas 3 - Houston 2) Everything seemed lost. The bandits had come out of nowhere and taken control of this fictional western town. The villagers started to lose hope. They thought, "Maybe it’s over, we have no one left to save us." At that moment, a hero appeared, someone from years past. He had aged since the last time anyone had saw him. Never-the-less, his big bulky frame was never forgotten. Like so many times before, he snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat. This time, not only did Kenny Cooper save the town, he showed the bandits that there really was a new sheriff in town. The bandits could try, but no matter how hard they did, FC Dallas was now in control and they weren’t going to be defeated by the bandits. Since the day of Sheriff Kenny Cooper, FC Dallas hasn’t lost to the Dynamo.

Like I mentioned earlier, my memory of that match might be a little off, but that is how I remember it. To me, that game set a new precedent going forward. We took Houston’s best shot, got off the floor and grabbed three points. There is nothing better than seeing the victory ripped from your rivals hands. The match was an emotional roller coaster that had the perfect ending. From that match until today, FC Dallas hasn’t lost to Houston. They have outscored them 23-7. It’s been such a fun ride that should just keep on going. I can’t wait for the new chapters in this rivalry. It’s going to be great.

I will concede that I haven’t been a fan since the very beginning of this rivalry. With that being said, are there any matches that y'all recommend I go look up on youtube to watch from the ‘good ol days’? Let me know!!

Sidenote: Go look at our roster from 2013. It’s nuts how much of it’s changed since then.