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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A new day, a new month.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The month of March has found its way on the calendar here as FC Dallas heads into the final days of training before the regular season starts.

// FC Dallas //

Hard work pays off for Pitter and Herman |

It wasn't too much of a shocker yesterday to see the news that FCD signed Timo Pitter and Ryan Herman. Both had solid preseasons and both could be good contributors this season.

Pitter meets Dirk |

Now that FCD has a German-born player on the roster, it was only fitting that he got to met the biggest German in Dallas yesterday. Hopefully this means we'll see more of Dirk at Toyota Stadium this year.

Get hot and stay hot is the theme for FCD in 2016 |

Matt Doyle has been going through the 20 clubs over the last couple of weeks and he finally got to FCD. The title alone is spot on as we all know how important staying hot will be this year for this club.

// MLS //

Twellman: It will be a failure if LA doesn't win MLS |

All those stars but will it work continues to be the theme this preseason.

Comparing NY's turnaround to what is going on in Chicago |

This one is a bit long but worth the look as it dives into what went on in NY over the last couple of years during their rapid turnaround both on and off the field to what has been going in Chicago. Basically the writer is pondering if the Fire will end up like the Red Bulls.

To what extent should MLS adopt video replay |

Go big or go home is what I say.

Seven things to watch for in Montreal this year | Mount Royal Soccer

Montreal could be a scary good team this year if things continue to be like they were last fall. My gut tells me they regress a tad early on though.

Phones and cash stolen from DCU's locker room in Mexico |

CONCACAF is gonna CONCACAF but seriously, this is a pretty ridiculous thing to even have to see happen.

// USMNT //

USSF unveils new crest in rather unorthodox fashion | Stars and Stripes FC

By now you've probably seen the new crest for US Soccer and I'm sure you'd seen the countless tweets and Instagram photos of the box and scarf that was sent out. I got one of them yesterday and it was certainly a cool thing to get. The crest is still 'meh' to me.