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2016 FC Dallas Position Battles: Striker

Does Dallas have enough up top to compete for a trophy?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

"Out with the old. In the new." Dallas did some minor renovations to the forward department after a less than stellar 2015 campaign from veteran and fan favorite Blas Perez and "Will He, Won't He" David Texeira. The two South American strikers blew hot and cold, with Blas going completely cold in the goal scoring department after early May and David Texeira providing the odd goal here and there, but never really seemed to completely click with anyone outside of Michael Barrios.

So out went the club's No. 7 and No. 9 and in comes MLS Cup winner Maximiliano Urruti to the rescue. There has been some debate whether Urruti is a starter for this club or not. His 2014 campaign (10 goals) suggests yes, but his 2015 campaign (4 goals) suggests otherwise. My opinion? I bet he can handle the starting role just fine. Oddly enough Caleb Porter's Timbers underwent an unusual transformation and opted to play more direct, as it became the best way for them to secure points. As that became more apparent, and Porter preferring a striker with more hold up play, then Fanendo Adi was the man, and Urruti was relegated to a super sub role; a role, by the way, that Urruti did excel in too. On this club, Urruti has the right pieces around him to let him make his runs, create his own space and chances for not only himself but his teammates too. Urruti is a better finisher than Blas and Tex and has more speed to compliment the breakneck pace that Fabian Castillo, Michael Barrios, and co, like to play at.


The other striker with a decent chance of earning significant minutes is Tesho Akindele. After a breakout rookie year in 2014, things cooled for a bit with Tesho as he spent time between FCD and the Canadian National Team, and was pushed out wide, rather than in his preferred forward position. Akindele has the size and speed that complements the counter-attacking ways this Dallas side has grown to love. Tesho had a better finishing rate than Blas and Tex in his two years with the club, but his ability to create chances (both for himself and others) is where Urruti has the upper hand.

Coy Craft is also in the mix, but given that we've only seen him play some garbage minutes at the end of 2014 and just 70 minutes on the right wing in 2015, it's hard to determine where he is compared to the other strikers on board.

What do you guys think? Can Urruti lead the line by himself? Does this team need another forward? Does Tesho start over Urruti?