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Reviewing 2015: Staff Predictions

Who did well and who needs a big bounce-back year?

MLS MVP Sebastian Giovinco
MLS MVP Sebastian Giovinco
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy, folks!  You do not know how nice it is to say that to people who will not look at me like I am nuts. Minneapolis is taking its toll on me.

Our 2016 BigDSoccer Staff Predictions are coming soon, so we thought it was only fair that we evaluate how the amazing staff did last year. Let’s take a look.

We predicted a few different things in terms of storylines and what we were excited for last year. You could find all of that here. I want to focus on the bold predictions. Did anybody actually get them correct?

FC Dallas Predictions

Golden Boot: Fabian Castillo

Ben, Scott, and Taylor were all over this one. Fabian Castillo finished the regular season with the most (nine) goals for FCD. Drew and Jason predicted Blas Perez (not so hot, gents) and he finished outside the top five in scoring for the team. In an effort to be bold, I went with Texeira and it was not that bad a pick in hindsight as he scored the most out of the forwards on the team with six.

Top Defender: Matt Hedges

According to the FC Dallas team awards, Matt Hedges was the defensive MVP of the season. Almost everybody was in agreement on this one with Jason again swinging and missing with a Zach Loyd prediction. It is alright, Jason, I thought Zach had a pretty darn good season at CB, so you were not that far off.

Team MVP: Fabian Castillo

Again, Ben and Scott’s faith in Castillo pays off with the selection of Fabi as the Team MVP. Taylor went a little unorthodox and named the fans as his MVP pick. Sorry, bud. I do not think you understood the question. An MVP has to be a player on the team. I hope you choose wiser this time around. The rest of us went with Mauro Diaz as our MVP pick and, while Mauro had a good year, the FCD FO did not think it was good enough for MVP honors.

MLS Predictions

Top East Team: New York Red Bulls

None of us were able to get this one right. Five of the writers had the Revolution winning the East. Jason had Columbus at the top of his list (not bad, better than your Blas Perez pick), and Ryan chose Orlando City to win the East. I have no idea what Ryan was thinking, but one more year of predictions under his belt will hopefully help him when making a decision about an expansion team winning the conference.

Top West Team: FC Dallas

Okay, okay, I was making fun of Ryan for choosing Orlando to win the East, but he (and Ben) more than made up for it by accurately predicting who won the West last year, choosing our Hoops as the first place team. For the rest of us traitors, Los Angeles was chosen by Drew and Scott, while Jason, Taylor, and I went with the Sounders.

Playoff Predictions for the East: New York, Columbus, Montreal, DC, New England, and Toronto

We all struck out and missed on this one. That is what happens when all seven of us either had Orlando City or NYCFC in the playoffs (or both if you look at mine, Ryan, and Taylor’s predictions). Ryan continues to confuse me with his rollercoaster projections by predicting Orlando City to win the East (above) and then choosing NYCFC in the first spot of the Eastern Conference. Which is it, bro? Well, it could have been worse, you could have had both of the cellar-dwellers in the Eastern Conference making the playoffs right, Jason?

Playoff Predictions for the West: FC Dallas, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Kansas City

Our Luetchy predicted all of the teams in his Reddit comment on a thread. Solid job, Phil. Jason and I also predicted all of the teams in the West correctly. Way to make up for your Eastern Conference, bud! As for the rest of the crew, not so much. Ben and Drew had all of the teams correct except the eventual MLS Cup Champions, ouch. Ryan and Scott switched the Whitecaps for Salt Lake while Taylor had Houston (not sure what was going through the mind there) and Salt Lake making the playoffs instead of Vancouver and Portland.

League MVP: Sebastian Giovinco

Not even close. None of us had this one as nobody expected the Atomic Ant to be that incredible in his first MLS season. Ben thought Bradley would take the cake, Drew thought it might have been Clint Dempsey, and Ryan and I predicted Diego Valeri would step up for Portland. Jason had wishful thinking with Mauro while Scott and Taylor chose Obafemi and Kaka respectively.

Golden Boot: Sebastian Giovinco

Again, none of us had this one in the bank, either. Ben went with a super bold prediction and had Charlie Davies winning the Golden Boot. Ryan, Scott, and Taylor chose Villa who tried valiantly to score PKs for them. Drew and I had different Galaxy players stealing the show having selected Keane and Zardes respectively while Jason chose Dom Dwyer. Lots of room for improvement on these last two categories, folks.

Supporter’s Shield: New York Red Bulls

Still hurts to say that. Since none of us predicted the Red Bulls would win the East, nobody was correct on this one either. Ben, Drew, and Taylor had New England as the Shield winners while Jason and I thought Seattle would take the Shield. Ryan and Scott were hoping Los Angeles would validate their predictions but their dreams did not come true.

MLS Cup Winner: Portland Timbers

Finally, I can toot my own horn a little bit. I predicted Portland defeating Montreal to win the Cup and, while I did not get the score or the opponent correct, I successfully chose the Timbers. I am too good. Ben and Ryan had the homer picks, FC Dallas taking the Cup. Drew had Seattle winning it all. Jason had Kansas City winning another title while Scott and Taylor predicted the Galaxy would be victorious again. Taylor tried to justify his pick by saying that he had FC Dallas winning the Open Cup and that was not a good clarification when it was all said and done, either.