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2016 FC Dallas Goal of the Year: Round 3

Happy Feet vs Pringles

We’re just rolling these out left and right now! Let’s continue marveling at some of the best goals of the 2016 campaign featuring two very distinctly different road goals.

Round 3: Happy Feet vs Pringles

I was actually at this match in person with Mohammed, but I completely missed the fancy footwork that Kellyn Acosta pulled off that played Tesho Akindele through on goal. Go ahead and watch it a few times to get a good appreciation of how quick Acosta’s feet were to pull this trick off.

Lastly, we’re going to look at a goal that celebrates Maxi Urruti’s industrious work effort, to just lay the ball out there for Fabian Castillo to pounce on. Once clear on goal, Castillo reached for a can of Pringles to "chip" it over the keeper.