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2016 FC Dallas Goal of the Year: Round 2

#UlloaBomb vs Rabona

MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s keep the festive spirit going and dive right into the second round of voting for the 2016 FC Dallas Goal of the Year.

Round 2: #UlloaBomb vs Rabona

Let’s put this one into context too. Late, game tying goal, on the road, versus a title challenger. Ulloa’s bomb brought the house to their feet (well, at least in mine) and put himself up there for a serious contender for GOTY.

Whereas Ulloa’s goal was a bombshell at a critical moment of the season, Fabian Castillo’s is a bit more light hearted that put forth his speed and tricks on full display with this assisted Rabona goal.