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2016 FC Dallas Goal of the Year: Round 1

Lizarazo Bomb vs Route 1 Perfection

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s ring in the holiday spirit with a festival of the best goals of the historic 2016 campaign from FC Dallas, shall we? The staff curated through all the goals from the year, and filtered it down to the best 16 of the year (no easy feat, mind you). Sadly some really worthy choices had to be cut, but the folks here at BigD are always up for making tough, but fair choices.

So just like last year, we’ll do this by fan vote (most votes advances). Over the next week, we’ll be presenting you with a head to head match up between two stellar FC Dallas goals and you just vote for whichever vote you liked more.

Voting is arbitrary and subjective to however you want to judge it. Bonus points for it being a goal vs Houston? Sure. Style points? Does game state matter more to you than how the goal looks? Is it just the final product or will you consider the passes and lead up play to the goal itself too? Obviously, there’s no right or wrong answer and all are equally valid.

So have fun and enjoy the festival of goals!

Round 1: Long Range Bomb vs Route 1

If Carlos Lizarazo is going to be remembered for anything (other than a failed stint with FCD), it’ll be for this insane long range bomb in the Champions League.

Any goal versus Houston deserves some serious nomination, especially when you consider this put Dallas in the lead against the in-state rivals. Maynor Figueroa with a beauty of a pass to a streaking Michael Barrios.