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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Javier Morales joins FCD as the roster rounds into form for 2017.

The roster for FC Dallas is nearly set for 2017 as the club made a big splash yesterday.

// FC Dallas //

FCD signs free agent Javier Morales | Big D Soccer

If you are going to go big in the free agent signings through MLS, this is certainly a way to do it. I’m still holding out hope that he is more of a replacement for Mauro Roslaes than for Mauro Diaz but either way, it is a good pick up.

Watch FCD sign Morales |

The veteran brings a lot of flair to the midfield and more importantly, a lot of leadership that will come vital during the club’s CCL run.

Morales signs with Dallas after 10 years in Salt Lake | ESPNFC

From the sound of things, it was a bitter divorce in Salt Lake. So maybe we’ll get a guy that is hungry to prove himself again.

// MLS //

Top ten acquisitions of 2016 |

My only issue with this list is that it lacks Carlos Gruezo. You can’t tell me Gruezo was less important to FCD than a couple of the rookies on the list.

Top five breakout players of 2016 |

The first one on the list should be no surprise to any of us.

Top moments from 2016 | FourFourTwo

Naturally this is the week we see tons of lists like this come out.

Of course your favorite team has new years resolutions | FourFourTwo

FCD’s made me laugh a little. Though seeing what LA’s resolution was also enjoyable.

Orlando makes front office changes | The Mane Land

Phil Rawlins is no longer in charge of the day-to-day there in Orlando, and is now life president (what kind of title is that?). This is a pretty interesting development down in Central Florida.

The race for 28: A look at St. Louis | SI

Sports Illustrated continues to look at all the expansion hopefuls with some in-depth looks at each market. St. Louis is one of those markets that the league has always had an eye on but can they get over the government hurdles for the stadium fundings?