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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Who is ready for a new year?

The new year is almost here as we only have a couple more days left on 2016.

// FC Dallas //

Timo Pitter discusses 2016 and beyond | Big D Soccer

From the sound of things, Timo wants to return home to Germany. Part of me thinks that may be for the best for both sides as it would free up an international roster slot.

// MLS //

MLS has too many white jerseys | Black and Red United

Absolutely, 100% agree with this statement. The lack of diversity in the kits comes down to too many red, white and blue teams in the league for one thing. And the whole kit deal with adidas being the other part of it too. Oh and some TV reasons are part of it as well. Eek.

Is Leonel Vangioni heading to the Red Bulls? |

An experienced fullback coming into the league wouldn’t be the worst for a team like New York.

Hop on the Derrick Jones hype train | Brotherly Game

The Union really want you to know their Homegrown guy that is originally from Ghana.

Timbers reject offer from Celtic for Nagbe | Stars and Stripes FC

I get why Portland doesn’t want to part with one of their star players but the guy needs to try Europe out for a few years in my mind.

Looks like Nagbe is sticking around | Stumptown Footy

If he is staying, Caleb Porter needs to find the ways to unlock his magic again in 2017.

Minnesota close to signing a Costa Rican fullback | E Pluribus Loonum

Literally every club in MLS seems to be adding a Costa Rican player this offseason.