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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, December 22, 2016

The final draft of 2016 is today!

The offseason is about to get quiet in MLS after today’s final stage of the Re-Entry Draft.

// FC Dallas //

FC Dallas will be on the road to start 2017 | Big D Soccer

The matchups for the home openers are out and FC Dallas sees themselves on the road for the first two weeks of the season in 2017. CCL and stadium improvements are partly to blame for that.

Dan Hunt discusses home opener for 2017 |

I’m already liking seeing Gina Miller in the communications department at FCD, we’re starting to get a little more insight into things and opinions on matters like this out of Dan Hunt.

// MLS //

Top storylines of Week 1 in 2017 |

From Orlando’s stadium opener (which looks fantastic by the way) to Minnesota getting a tough road trip to kick off their MLS campaign, there are some intriguing matches in week one.

It is about time for MLS to worry about China |

First losing Obafemi Martins before last season and now some other DP candidates, China has money that MLS does not. Hell, China has money that most of the world does not.

Greg Garza interested in joining Atlanta |

It must be real nice to have loads of allocation money like the expansion teams do. But also having a completely blank slate to do whenever with also has to be nice.

Outside views: What to expect from Atlanta’s newest players | Dirty South Soccer

Atlanta has brought in a lot of MLS talent too this offseason and I got to discuss my fandom for Zach Loyd in this one.

Johnson looking to join Orlando | Orlando Sentinel

Will Johnson is one of those cagey veterans you want on your team and Orlando looks to be the one to land the free agent.

How big is too big for MLS? | FourFourTwo

I used to claim for the longest time that 24 was the number but I was proven wrong in the last couple years with the expansion plans pushing to 28. At this point, my thought is 30 is the top number. Is it too much? Sure. But the US is also a freakin’ large country that can handle it in the long run.

The race for 28, an expansive look at MLS’s plan | SI

Ten markets are going to be competing for MLS over the next month or so. Most believe Sacramento is a lock but that will only fuel the fire for the other three slots.

Why I’m grateful we don’t have promotion and relegation in MLS | Big D Soccer

A bit of a hot take on our part but its something our staff has discussed a bunch lately. One of our writers decided to give his reasonings for this.