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Big D Daily: News for Monday, December 19, 2016

Have you done all of your shopping yet?

The big holiday is nearly here as we’re in the home stretch of 2016 too.

// FC Dallas //

New signing indicates Castillo isn’t returning | Big D Soccer

Over the weekend we had to have some talks about Fabian Castillo. With Friday’s signing of Roland Lamah, it is safe to say that FCD has pretty much moved on from the Colombian speedster.

The Fabian Castillo effect | Big D Soccer

But one thing we can or at least we should all agree on is that Castillo leaving is going to bring FCD a bit of respect.

Report: Hedges and Zimmerman to make USMNT January camp |

We’ll find out soon enough if these reports are true but that is a good thing to hear going into the new year. Bigger question now in my mind is whether or no Kellyn Acosta will be joining them.

// MLS //

MLS’s persistent problem |

We discussed this before MLS Cup a week or so ago but the big problem facing MLS right now in my mind is how little value the regular season is started to be considering how the playoffs tend to go in this league.

How the Rapids can repeat what they did in 2016 next year |

They got their coach on a new deal but lot will come down to depth now that they’ll have more games to deal with (CCL).

Top five assists of 2016 |

Yeah, there are a couple big FCD assists on this one.

Rumor: Cosmos to buy and rebrand Red Bulls in 2018 | Once a Metro

You know, this isn’t the most outlandish rumor in the world. But I don’t see that kind of rebrand happening anytime soon. Especially with the NASL mess still going on.

David Guzman linked with Portland | Stumptown Footy

I’ve wondered how long it would take for a MLS side to get Guzman. The Saprissa midfielder always looked like one that would fit in well in this league.

Sounders going after Algerian World Cup player? | Sounder at Heart

Up the coast, the MLS Cup winners are said to be going after a guy that would add some quality to the wings there. But he also may be expensive.