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2016 FC Dallas Goal of the Year: Round 7

Home Grown Hero vs Bicycle

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As we wind down into the penultimate opening round of voting, we get treated to two very different goals. First we have one of the most vital goals in FC Dallas’ Open Cup run and that’s put up against the beauty of an overhead bicycle. The random generator probably couldn’t have pitted two more opposite goals against one another.

Round 7: Home Grown Hero vs Bicycle

This goal is probably one of Victor Ulloa’s most important goal of the campaign, where he managed to score off a late set piece towards the end of extra time to send Dallas into the Open Cup Finals. In terms of aesthetics, this one is the least appealing of the goals, but in terms of significance as you consider this was a cup semi-final, in the death of extra time, at LA and it was a Home Grown Player.... it definitely warrants strong considering for Goal of the Year.

In case you haven’t noticed it by now, Maxi Urruti really has a thing for the theatrics when it comes to his goals. It wasn’t a cup semi-final, but it was still a road game that the goal ended up being the game winner and snagging three points on the road against a conference foe is gold in this league. And it wasn’t just some overhead kick that was lofted above the keeper. Urruti struck this with venom and blasted it past the San Jose defense for what could be the most draw-dropping goal of the year.