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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Expansion Draft is upon us.

The first of many drafts is finally here for the offseason.

// FC Dallas //

FC Dallas protects 11 for the Expansion Draft | Big D Soccer

No real shockers in my mind. Sure Chris Seitz being unprotected is a gamble after the season he had here but with five picks for Minnesota and Atlanta, I’m not worried about anyone from our list getting taken.

BDS Goal of the Year bracket | Big D Soccer

Yesterday we posted our fifth match up. Go vote!

Crafting FCD’s expansion draft list |

You keep the core and hope that the ones that you do expose aren’t going to be taken. It should also be pointed out that the majority of the exposed list are players that didn’t get re-signed for 2017.

// MLS //

Atlanta and Minnesota contrast one another |

One has been big and splashy, while the other has been super quiet so far in this build up to their first MLS season. My gut tells me though that Minnesota begins to pick up their movement in the next few days.

Ten players who should be picked on Tuesday |

Its always a big of a crapshoot but you’re going to see these names and a few others being discussed today a lot.

Veterans available in expansion draft | FourFourTwo

Yes, Zach Loyd is available but lets not forget about that concussion that kept him out from July until...well now. Risky move for someone that could end up retiring.

Minnesota break ground on new stadium | E Pluribus Loonum

Even in the snowy north, we’re seeing a new stadium going up. I love it. Also those new renderings look pretty sweet.

Was Landon Donovan’s return worth it? | LAG Confidential

Ek, I think if you have to ask the question, you already know the answer to it.

Detroit fans are saying ‘no’ to MLS | SBNation

While there are expansion hopes in the Motor City some day, there is a big group of supporters in the city that want nothing to do with the big league.

MLS wisely moving on from Lampard, Gerrard and Drogba | Yahoo Sports

No longer the retirement league that it once was, MLS is truly entering a new time in its life.

How Seattle and Toronto can avoid hangovers | ESPNFC

Part of me wants the same hangover for them as Columbus and Portland. But I don’t think that will happen given how smartly these two teams have been put together here.

Title bittersweet for Sigi Schmid’s son |

Pretty crazy how Kurt Schmid stuck around after his dad was fired back in the summer. Now he is part of a pretty cool thing.