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2016 FC Dallas Goal of the Year: Round 6

Pescadito vs Route 1

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We’re nearing the end of our initial rounds of voting for the FCD Goal of the Year with a crucial late goal from a blast from the past and perhaps the most efficient goal (three touches) from goal to goal.

Round 6: Pescadito vs Route 1

When FCD brought back Carlos Ruiz for a "victory lap" with the club, he was brought in for one reason only: score late goals. His lone offensive touch in this one had Ruiz peel off the shoulder of the defense and elegantly push the ball past Stefan Frei for the go-ahead goal. This goal proved decisive in setting things up for Dallas to secure the Supporter’s Shield the following weekend.

If you were watching this match on TV, you probably missed this goal as it took all about 7 whole seconds from Jesse Gonzalez’ hands to the back of the net on the other end. A long punt from Gonzalez, a flick by Tesho Akindele and a half volley from Maxi Urruti that put a giant warning sign to opponents that you better not be caught sleeping otherwise FCD will punish you.