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Building for 2017: Can FC Dallas improve their forwards?

The final piece of the roster building series comes down to the attack.

MLS: Columbus Crew SC at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We are rounding out our look at the 2017 roster as it stands today with a deep dive into the FC Dallas forwards.

Background information

For starters, something I would like to point out with is that the MLS salary cap this year was right at $3.66 million. So for our purposes in this series, we will use a baseline cap of $3.75 million as the cap is expected to slowly reach $4.2 million by 2019.

MLS teams as most of you know can buy down a players salary with allocation, a number that seems made up on a case by case basis in some ways. But in all reality it is real and it does have a lot of meaning. Unlike in years past, FC Dallas will not be getting any of the 'you suck' allocation for not reaching the playoffs. Instead they will need to rely on trades and any potential transfers to build up any additional allocation funds.

Typically each year returning players see an increase in their salary unless it has been agreed with the club that they make less, as in the club and player worked out a deal.

Holy Homegrowns Batman and other thoughts

  1. Three HGPs seems high. We know the commitment to youth in this team but to have three forwards with HGP tags shows something to me. The good in this is that none of them count against the salary cap. The bad, you gotta figure out how to get them the proper playing time to help develop.
  2. Lacking a punch. I like Maxi Urruti as much as the next person but we all know he wasn’t the true answer to the scoring in 2016 and will need some help in 2017 with Mauro Diaz on the mend for a while. Something has to give and there is certainly money to do it as you’ll see below. This team has to get a scorer that can not only push Urruti for minutes but play along side him in a 4-4-2 should the team switch to that in Diaz’ absences.

3. Bonner the odd man out? The Raging One did well for himself in OKC this past season while on loan. Well enough to get a contract extension into 2017. But something still tells me that he could easily be the odd man out in this set up with all the HGPs being signed and with likely another forward on the way through a transfer.

The money

Here is what our guys made against the cap in 2016:

Tesho Akindele - $80,000

Colin Bonner - $51,504

Coy Craft - $70,000*

Jesus Ferreria - TBA*

Bryan Reynolds - TBA*

Maximiliano Urruti - $250,000

* Homegrown player, salary does not count towards the cap

Total towards the cap: $381,504

Total from entire team: $2,370,008

Total from entire team w/ Castillo: $2,525,758

Money moving forward

Okay, the team is certainly well under the salary cap. We know bumps are going to happen all over the roster, especially for someone like Matt Hedges. I would assume we’ll see Tesho and Maxi get a decent little bump but nothing too major. Still, this team is in a good spot going into the drafts and transfer window season.

Needs and wants for 2017

I think stating the obvious for a third or fourth...or fifth...okay I’ve lost count at how many seasons we’ve been asking for a 15-goal scorer with this club. But yeah, that point is still super valid.

Really, outside of that I want to see Reynolds, Craft and Ferreira get their chance to develop. Either here or in OKC. Or even somewhere else on loan if need be.

Final thoughts and figures

Like I’ve mentioned above, the club continues to come in at a good spot against the projected salary cap. Throw in the fact that there will be allocation money coming in from the league for reaching the CCL quarterfinals and the group stage again next summer. The new Targeted Allocation Money that was announced by Don Garber on Friday will also help bring in some good talent to the club as well.

We should be pretty pumped to see what Fernando Clavijo and company can come up with this offseason. They have enough roster spots available to fill and plenty of money to do some good things too.

What do you make of FCD’s spending so far this offseason? Think we will finally get a big time goalscorer? Is there the need for more spending up top in the forwards than what we are seeing? Sound off below to let us know.