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Quick Burns: Our staff makes their MLS Cup predictions

Its two big clubs squaring off in the final game of 2016.

MLS: MLS Cup Final-Portland Timbers at Columbus Crew Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 season is almost done as the Seattle Sounders and Toronto FC are set to square off against one another in Saturday’s MLS Cup. While there is no FC Dallas to root for in this game, our staff will still make their predictions for the big game.

Drew Epperley - Toronto 3, Seattle 2

This looks like a game that will be either as crazy as these playoffs have been or a total dud. I’m hoping for the former in that as I want an exciting game to watch on Saturday. I think they go back and forth but in the end Toronto will ride their home crowd to victory.

Jason Poon - Toronto 2, Seattle 0

This will be a cagey affair, with both sides taking things cautiously during the opening half. A GK blunder off a free kick early in the second half gets things going for Toronto. It remains a tight match until a late goal courtesy of a solo run from Seba seals it for the Reds in the dying minutes. Go Canada!

Nathan Hill - Toronto 3, Seattle 1

I really have no idea and no vested interest, but I do think being at home will tip toward Toronto, though Seattle will certainly put up a fight. I think Alonso ends up with a red card at some point, which signals the end for Seattle. Altidore and Giovinco will bring their A game to this one, and it will be tough for Seattle to cope.

Cody Gamond - Toronto 4, Seattle 1

Seba and Jozy steal the show and quickly put Toronto ahead by 2. Seattle get a goal to make things interesting, but as the game progresses, Altidore turns on beast mode and finshes off the Sounders. Seattle has been decent this offseason, but Toronto have v

Ben Lyon - Toronto 2, Seattle 1

Honestly, I have no idea how this game will turn out. This seems like a sound prediction with an edge going to the home team- should be a pretty raucous crowd. This is merely a reflection of what I want to happen. Salud, Red Patch Boys! Trump sucks.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Toronto 3, Seattle 1

Wishful thinking here. I want to see the Reds walk away with the glory. It seems all of us are hoping for a Seattle loss so, naturally, they are going to win. I feel like we might see something similar to the USOC Final when Toronto FC presses, Seattle counters with a gut punch, but they respond with two unanswered goals. Seattle will push hard for the equalizer and TFC will put them away when the game opens up. Oh Canada.

Scott Hiney - Toronto 3, Seattle 2

Everything about Toronto’s playoff run points to rather wild MLS Cup Final win. Seattle has proven themselves well since the arrival of Nicolas Lodiero, quick maturation of Jordan Morris and emergence of Nelson Valdez. Still, I can’t see Toronto not capitalizing on a raucous home crowd in the exact type of situation where they thrive the most –– chaos. Look for veterans that have played in major games like Sebastian Giovinco, Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore (big surprise, right?) to make the plays when they’re needed most.

Jared Tilley - Toronto 3, Seattle 2

I am really excited about this match. Both of these teams like going forward. The interesting part of the Championship is that Seattle really hasn’t played anyone in the playoffs who has had the ability to score. They played FCD minus their top playmaker and then followed that up with Colorado, who has struggled to score all year. Is Seattle going to be able to handle a team that is very dangerous going forward? I don’t think they will. I think Seattle is chasing the match most of the game and will run out of time in the end. I do think the biggest winner will be the league and the fans. Too exciting teams, in an awesome stadium and on grass.