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Top storylines for FC Dallas this offseason

Many questions surround this team heading into the cold winter months.

MLS: U.S. Open Cup Final-New England Revolution vs FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So the offseason? Yeah, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting to really write any of these kinds of posts for another couple of weeks but here we are.

FC Dallas pulled off one heck of a season in 2016 that saw them add two new pieces of hardware to their trophy case. But as we head into the offseason, there are plenty of topics to come up that will need to be discussed. We’ll probably add to this list as we go on this offseason but this should be a good starting point.

The search for a #9

Okay, in a way this is a continuation of last year and the year before that....and the year before that. The good news is we know Fernando Clavijo is already hard at work at searching for new players.

That was yesterday. Before the second leg of the Western Conference semifinals, he was in Europe as well.

This is always positive to see. Clavijo has always been on the look for new players so this isn’t really anything new. But it may help us narrow things down when the time comes.

Progress of the HOF

The Hall of Fame construction was a topic we endured all season long. The back and forth of the ‘when will they actually do anything?’ to the ‘holy crap there is nothing there but a weird fence with no tarp’, the construction will only continue to go on during this offseason.

Now that we’re finally seeing actual progress being made, the question will continue to be: can they finish in time for 2018? If it changes for some reason, we’ll be sure to report it here.

The health and recovery of Mauro Diaz

We know the injury. We know the projected timeline. We also know he continues to post on his Instagram feed pretty regularly with a small wrap around his leg.

But the real story here will be how his recovery goes this offseason as we head into another busy season in 2017. Will he come back in June like some projections have him to? Or will he be able to get fit in time for the club’s start of the season in late February? That is a big gap and personally, I’d rather have him for the long haul and not risk him coming back too early.

All those drafts

We’ll be diving deep into the various drafts and roster construction pieces in these next few weeks but we know this will be a busy and wild offseason of drafts in MLS. From the Expansion Draft, to the Re-Entry and Waiver Drafts, all the way to the SuperDraft in January. Everything is going to do something to this roster.

Who stays and who goes?

This may be the biggest storyline of the offseason. Who gets cut, who gets a contract extension and who just leaves on their own. Right now we believe a lot of this roster will stay in tact but you just never know.