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Workhorse of the Week vs. Seattle Sounders (Two-Legged Playoff Edition)

Our season is done, but your chance to vote - in both a historic national election and a Workhorse of the Week - is here. Step inside and vote for the FC Dallas player that worked hard for a solid result at home to close out the playoffs.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to No One for winning a Workhorse nod after a disastrous performance at Seattle by this team. Let's put that one behind us.

On Sunday night, FC Dallas closed out the season and playoffs at home, hoping to crack the door to possibility and keep their MLS Cup dreams alive. You can't argue that this wasn't the greatest season in club history. Winning the Open Cup and Supporters Shield meant that FC Dallas could be happy no matter what unfolded on Sunday night, but you knew this team was hungry and didn't want to close out things without putting up another fight.

Against Seattle, FC Dallas managed a decent 2-1 victory, generating a ton of offense chances and forcing Seattle to scramble to make plays. Ultimately, Walker Zimmerman made a tough mistake that Seattle was able to turn into a scrappy goal. However, we can take heart in two beautiful goals, one from Tesho Akindele, who looked like he was playing for his roster spot next season, and Maxi Urruti, who reminded us why he might be the favorite for our Workhorse of the Year award later. The team came out with a lot of determination, and if not for a couple of defensive miscues and missed offensive chances, had about the night you had hoped for.

I think Coach Oscar Pareja will be satisfied with how this team played.

Did we want the season to end this way? Of course not - but the hole was too deep for this team to climb their way out.

If you look at the performances on Sunday night, it's only Walker Zimmerman who I have questions about. He did not play well in Seattle and followed it up by seeming to shrink in the moment. I think he will learn from this. Sometimes, players, even professional ones, try to do too much. Keep it simple. Walker will be back.

I have to give credit again to Tesho Akindele, who in this performance, showed how he can be a starting quality player in this league. The question will be - can he do it on a more consistent basis? I had doubts going into this one that Tesho would be back, potentially a trade piece for an expansion team, but I think he earned his spot again as a valuable piece of this roster.

Other Workhorse suggestions? Chris Seitz had a solid game, much better than in the first leg. Matt Hedges was a monster all over the field. Mauro Rosales, before he was gassed, did quite well. Carlos Gruezo is the real deal. Maxi Urruti may disappear at times but he works his ass off.

Go ahead and vote and close out our regular Workhorse of the Week awards. In a few weeks, we'll vote on the Workhorse of the Season.