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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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Election Day is upon us.

MLS: Playoffs-Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason mode is starting to set in around these parts.

// FC Dallas //

Chalkboard: FCD goes down fighting | Big D Soccer

On Sunday, FCD went back to a familiar look and it felt good as the team pushed for goals in against the Sounders. In the end, it wasn’t enough as we all know by now.

FCD vs SEA: The good and bad | Big D Soccer

One thing that we probably didn’t get out of Sunday’s game was a clearer picture of who could be leaving after this season. We’ll discuss that more in the coming days.

FCD still feels like their time is now | Dallas Morning News

Two straight seasons that saw the club get 60 points. Hopefully that window doesn’t close next year for them but the way this group has been built, it should continue on.

Social: Players thank fans for 2016 |

No, no, no guys. We thank you for this season. Seriously.

Seitz up for Save of the Year |

Don’t let Chris Seitz lose to Seattle again. GO VOTE!

// MLS //

Analyst: Canada moves on, Rapids win and Sounders survive |

Instead of having an all-New York conference final in the East, we’re getting treated to an even more heated rivalry in Canada. But I agree with Matt Doyle, the formation FCD used on Sunday should have been used in leg one as well.

Wiebe: About time Canadian teams took center stage |

Seriously though, that Eastern Conference series will be intense. And that is a good thing to have in the playoffs for MLS.

Roldan was testing the ref with tackles | Sounder at Heart

I’m still disappointed FCD couldn’t bait him into a bad foul that would have gotten him tossed on Sunday.

Giovinco makes mockery of MVP snub |

I’m very curious to see what the voting will look like when this award is announced. Surely he’ll come in 4th but how the voting breaks down will be fascinating (it is split between media, players and front office people).

Goal’s top overpaid XI |

Thankfully no FCD players on this list.

Huge decisions will define Galaxy offseason | FourFourTwo

I’m thankful to not be a LA fan these days as that team has a lot of work to do to get back to their glory days in this league. I’m sure Bruce Arena will do some smart stuff but it may be time to go away from the aging DPs.