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View from the East Stand: And the story ends...

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The grey and dreary day was a little foretelling, not as foretelling as the away result the week before.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It was a dark and gloomy day in north Texas on Sunday night, which was really fitting for the situation our beloved Hoops were in. Jackets were on to protect from the chilly breeze that would periodically come in and remind us winter is coming. It was hard to keep in your seat though, with goals, close calls and ridiculous reffing. This season was seriously one for the memory books, even though this game might've not been.


The team was really playing their hearts out, you could see the effort they were leaving on the field and the crowd was responding to it brilliantly. The energy in the stadium was outstanding, although the energy was periodically converted into negative energy and directed toward the referee. In the crowd's defense though, this referee was consistently inconsistent. Frustrating the heck out of both fans and players alike.

We had chance after chance, opportunity after opportunity and it really felt like on another day this would've been the miracle everyone showed up hoping to see that day. It was hard to contain emotions, with hands over mouths and hands in heads plenty of times throughout the game.

Playoff Crowd

Seattle fans definitely showed up, much more so than during the regular season matches. Definitely didn't hurt that their team was already up 3-0 on aggregate. They were handy dandy time wasters at one point. Who throws the ball away like that? We're trying to construct the US Soccer hall of fame here.

Despite the doom and gloom look of the aggregate score, the fans showed up to support their double-winning team in a bleak game that most likely was not going to have a positive outcome. In the end, the fans that showed up did well for a sending off game for one of the best FC Dallas teams to be fielded. After such a wonderful season, it felt good to clap for them after the match in appreciation for what they gave. It all started from the rowboat in the first game, and ended here in bitter-sweetness.

And finally, I'll go lame on my fan quote of the night, and write my own fan quote. I love this team and can't be more proud of what they did this season. They once again made going to the games an absolute treat (other than that Colorado match) by playing a brand of soccer that's easy on the eyes. This kind of consistency that has been ushered in with Papi has to be what elevates this team past just being mentioned on the fine print of Dallas news papers. Applauding after the game wasn't just for the game that was just played that night, nor just for this one season that was played. It was in appreciation for the culture and style these players and staff have brought to the team and encouragement for the future which looks the brightest it ever has for this club. Until next season.

Who all went to say our goodbyes to one of the best FC Dallas teams to play? Anyone else think this was probably our best season of all time? Was the referee horrible, or were the players making this game not fun for the crew there? Who's already excited to see what the future holds for next season? Let me know in the comments below!