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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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We close out November with the Eastern Conference finals tonight.

First of all, I’d be a little angry at myself if I didn’t discuss the plane crash that shook the soccer world yesterday taking the lives of many in Colombia. Brazilian side Chapecoense will forever be in our thoughts and prayers here as they lost so many in the incident. It reminds me of one that hits close to home for me and my family in the Marshall University plane crash back in the 1970s (yes, I am talking about the one they made a movie about). Thankfully Brazilian clubs are banning together to help. The Colombian side they were about to compete against has asked that Chapecoense gets the title. Hopefully these small gestures can help the long rebuild.

Okay, now on to some links.

// FC Dallas //

FC Dallas on Campus: A 2016 recap | Big D Soccer

FC Dallas sent a lot of kids off to college in recent years from their academy program. Most won’t see the senior team in terms of a HGP contract but it is great seeing how many are in college these days.

Akindele nominated for Canada’s Player of the Year | Big D Soccer

Big congrats to Tesho!

Bobby Rhine tournament winners earn spots in next year’s Dallas Cup |

And more from the kiddos playing around the city here. It blows my mind that one of Rhine’s kids is old enough to play in this tournament in the U-10 side.

// MLS //

Can Toronto pull off the comeback? | Waking the Red

The task isn’t nearly as large as it could have been but they need to start with a goal and then find a way to not give up any along the way.

Montreal fans were louder than EPL fans | Mount Royal Soccer

Yep, its true, they were very loud last week.

Garber visits Cincinnati to gage expansion hopes |

There was a lot going on yesterday in the soccer world and this one one of the more interesting things to keep tabs on in a MLS-sense.

Health named new Minnesota coach | E Pluribus Loonum

First off, let’s welcome our newest SBN blog E Pluribus Loonum to the big show here. They’re covering all things Minnesota United. Second of all, the Loons have their coach in Adrian Health.

SKC gives Peter Vermes a contract extension | The Blue Testament

While SKC has dipped a little in quality over the last two years, it was smart to retain Vermes for the long haul in my opinion.

Report: Birnbaum to sign new deal with DCU | Black and Red United

I’m happy for DCU to be able to retain their star defender.

St. Louis group criticizes tax plan for stadium | ESPNFC

Well that doesn’t help the chances at getting this city a team. Eek.

// NASL //

Cosmos and NASL working to survive | ESPNFC

While reports came out yesterday that the New York Cosmos were closing up shop for good, it turns out that wasn’t quite the case. Now we wait to see what comes out of these meetings in Atlanta, where some USL executives are reportedly already there talking with NASL clubs. Yikes.