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Big D Daily: News for Monday, November 28, 2016

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Half of MLS Cup is accounted for now.

I guess in some ways, we’re going to learn how Seattle invited MLS Cup.

// FC Dallas //

Eight FCD players named WPSL All-Stars |

I still believe that one day we’ll see a top flight women’s team under the FC Dallas umbrella. It only seems fitting when you see how well the girls academy sides are doing.

// MLS //

Morris flu game now in MLS lore |

Oh great, now we’re going to hear about this until...well forever.

Sounders can breathe deep as they head to MLS Cup |

Seattle did what a lot of teams have done before them, got hot at the right time and rode it all the way to a MLS Cup.

We’re going to MLS Cup | Sounder at Heart

In a way, maybe it is good that Seattle is going to a MLS Cup this year. Seems fitting with the way 2016 has been.

Seattle must win MLS Cup to qualify for CCL | Sounder at Heart

Thanks to the way we handled business this season in the USOC and the Supporters’ Shield, Seattle still has a little bit of work to do to reach the CCL again next year.

Seattle rides hard work and a bit of luck to a MLS Cup | ESPNFC

I’d like to stress how much luck plays a factor in all of this. The teams that tend to go this far end up finding a fair amount of luck along the way.

Morris has been everything Seattle wanted and more | FourFourTwo

For all the hype, you do have to say that Jordan Morris has lived up to it so far.

Sounders down Rapids 1-0 in second leg | Burgundy Wave

The magic finally ran out for the Rapids on their remarkable season. Now they have to figure how out to keep the core of this group together as they head into what will be a tough 2017.

Will Sunday’s match be Mastroeni’s final as Rapids manager? | Goal

Would Colorado be that crazy to let Pablo Mastroeni go? Yes, I think they would.

Toronto could host MLS Cup after Seattle win | Waking the Red

A little precursor to Wednesday’s second leg of the Eastern Conference finals. Toronto needs a goal to tie the series. I think I could live with a Toronto hosted series as it would get MLS Cup away from being played on turf.

MLS Cup should be held on Black Friday every year | Black and Red United

This is a re-post from a few years back but I am still on board with this idea.