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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Home teams won in the playoffs but road goals could determine a lot in the second legs.

The playoffs were back in full force last night as Montreal and Seattle picked up wins.

// FC Dallas //

FCD adds another HGP in Bryan Reynolds | Big D Soccer

Reynolds wasn’t as big of a name as some other potential HGPs floating out there in the FCD system but he is certainly a quality player that will do well with the senior team.

FCD makes roster moves, so now what? | Big D Soccer

We’ve seen the team make several moves as of late. I think the offseason will soon begin to pick up from here for sure for the club.

How Reynolds became the 17th HGP |

Really kind of crazy to think he was struggling to get minutes with the U-14s not long ago and now he has won a national title with the U-16s and is a professional soccer player.

// MLS //

Home teams hold serve in first leg |

Just like in the previous rounds, the home teams did their thing last night in the first leg of the conference finals. But keep watch on those away goals now. Toronto got two of them in the 3-2 loss and Colorado snagged one in the 2-1 loss.

This is what the playoffs are all about |

Both games were pretty entertaining to say the least last night. On one hand you had a fierce rivalry game. On the other hand, you had two pretty strong teams squaring off.

What we learned from Montreal’s win over TFC | SBNation

One thing is sure, folks in Montreal forgot how to measure field lines last night. That delay was a bit nuts.

What we learned from Seattle’s win over Colorado | SBNation

As much as I think Seattle can hold serve in the second leg, that away goal is huge for Colorado. They’re damn good at home.

Sounders will take lead into second leg | Sounder at Heart

That second half from Seattle is what I expected out of them. They pushed for goals and got them, even against a quality defense like Colorado.

Do the Rapids have Seattle right where they want them? | FourFourTwo

If it is anything like the series with LA, then yes, they do.

Toronto prove they won’t go down without a fight | Waking the Red

Down three goals, TFC climbed back into the series in a big way with their DPs leading the charge.

Impact barely in control of Eastern Conference finals | ESPNFC

To go up the way they did and then to give up the goals that they did, this win has to feel more like a loss for the Impact.

Drogba won’t return to Montreal in 2017 | ESPNFC

No shocker there folks.