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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It is going to be a new day in the US National team program.

Boy, Monday didn’t hold back in terms of news.

// FC Dallas //

FCD exercises contract options on 10 players | Big D Soccer

We’re going to hammer hard into this news in the coming days as we finally know who is staying and who is going. There is still time for renegotiation here with those no re-signed yesterday but for now we have plenty of open roster slots.

A look at OKC’s offseason thus far | Big D Soccer

While FCD has been busy in the offseason, their affiliate up in Oklahoma has already made several moves of their own this offseason as well.

Early look at the FCD roster for 2017 |

Yesterday’s moves didn’t provide a ton of shock in my mind, but you could ponder why Mauro Rosales was left on the chopping block. My guess is it comes down to age.

// MLS //

Lodeiro named Newcomer of the Year | Sounder at Heart

I was pretty ticked to see that Carlos Gruezo didn’t even place in this award. I voted for him but apparently not many did the same.

Colorado believe they know how to stop Lodeiro | Sounder at Heart

Limit his time on the ball and what he can do in space.

Snow will not be an impact in Montreal | Mount Royal Soccer

Apparently the Big O had some roof concerns but no amount of snow is going to cause any sort of delay in tonight’s game.

Preview of the conference finals - part 2 | Waking the Red

Montreal and Toronto are ready to show what a big rivalry game looks like in the playoffs.

Will Johnson to explore free agency after season | Waking the Red

He would be an interesting guy to have here in Frisco, though I don’t see that happening at all.

Who will replace Arena in LA? |

This is the question I wanted answered yesterday. Plenty of good options out there to take the job once he leaves for the USMNT. My gut right now tells me that it will be a surprise either way.

// USMNT //

Klinsmann given das boot | Stars and Stripes FC

While FCD was dropping their roster news, the US Soccer Federation was giving Jurgen Klinsmann a pink slip.

Bruce Arena likely to replace Klinsmann | Stars and Stripes FC

While he may not be a sexy choice, one thing we do know is that Arena will provide some stability to the team over the next two years.

Why Arena is the top choice to replace Klinsmann | SBNation

Again, for me it is stability and consistency.

Klinsmann era comes to an end |

There were a few highs during the time but plenty of head scratching lows.