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Quick Burns: What is FC Dallas’ best plan for the second leg?

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Can FC Dallas overcome the large hole that they dug themselves in?

MLS: Conference Semifinals-FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The mountain is pretty large for FC Dallas to overcome on Sunday being down 3-0 to the Seattle Sounders.

After losing the first leg in the manner that they did our staff discusses what we’d like to see happen this Sunday to help FC Dallas move on to the Conference Finals.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Score Early

To me, it is a simple formula. FC Dallas has to get the first goal on Sunday to have an even remote chance. Rosales has to start so he can pull the strings and this team needs someone in the middle to settle the game down if it gets kind of antsy. That is really all I want to see. A less conservative approach, pin the ears back, and let the boys loose. At this point in time, a 3-0 loss is just as bad as a 6-0 loss.

Phil Luetchford - Start Mauro Rosales

Facebook reminded me today that one year ago, Mauro Diaz was assisting Fabian Castillo against Seattle. Without these two guys on the pitch, nobody was creating chances. Enter Mauro Rosales, and his first touch was to set up Tesho for a header on the edge of the six. Rosales must start on Sunday. I would also not be opposed to throwing caution to the wind and starting Carlos Ruiz, as Maxi Urruti's biggest strength appears to be his endless jogging. If we are still needing a goal or two late in the game, I'm stationing Tesho and Walker in their box and repeatedly pumping in the ball.

Jason Poon - Two Words

Timo Pitter.

Edin Halilovic - Offensive approach, but not gung-ho from the start

Tough game to approach when you just suffered the shock of a 3-0 defeat, but Oscar Pareja will have some unenviable big decisions to make on Sunday. Obviously he’ll have to revert to an attacking system with at least a couple more offensive players in the team than we initially saw in the first leg, but it’ll be just as important to establish a fine line between defending and attacking from the start. As crucial as it is for FCD to get at least 3 goals, it’s just as vital to make sure they don’t let any otherwise the mountainous task becomes near impossible to surmount.

It’s not reached that point yet though I feel. Last year, Dallas were 4-1 down on aggregate to Portland in the Western finals and it seemed like all was lost given the scoreline, the little time remaining, and the defensive solidity of the opponent. Yet in the last 20 minutes, Dallas carved out 2 goals and could have scored a couple others if not for last ditch challenges from Timbers defenders and who knows what the end result might have been. Now there’s no Mauro Diaz, Fabian Castillo, or Blas Perez around which makes the task that much harder, but an early goal or two along with a maintained shutout could creep some nerves into the Sounders and if that happens, anything is possible.

As far as the lineup goes, I’d like to see the team revert to a 4-2-3-1 formation with Urruti at the tip of the iceberg and Barrios-Rosales-Lizarazo behind him, Gruezo-Acosta in midfield, Harris-Zim-Hedges-Hollingshead in defense, and Seitz in goal. From there, may everything be on the team’s side because they’re going to need it to turn this around.