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Big D Daily: News for Friday, November 18, 2016

FC Dallas has another new Homegrown player.

The weekend is nearly here as FC Dallas has unveiled another Homegrown player to the team.

// FC Dallas //

FC Dallas signs Jesus Ferreira | Big D Soccer

HGP #16 for the club, and while that number is impressive, I love seeing that this 15-year old has been with the club since he was eight! What is also really cool is that he adds to a small group of father-son combos that were in MLS.

Get to know Ferreira |

Everything sounds like he is a typical teenager in America with these answers but the guy can absolutely play on the field. He’s been playing up a level for a long time now.

// MLS //

Jones’ contract, the Big O and more |

From the sounds of things, Colorado could look a little different after this season is over. I still think they have to work on depth for the CCL next summer.

Robbie Keane is parting ways with LA | LAG Confidential

In a way this stinks as Keane was one of those guys that I really enjoyed watching but on the other hand, LA needed to start building around Giovani dos Santos here.

St. Louis unveils group for expansion team |

The ducks are starting to line up in the Gateway City for a MLS side. Seeing stadium renderings and a good group of people in the ownership side of things really helps their potential here.

More details on the St. Louis group |

I’ve long said this is a ‘dot on the map’ kind of want for the league. I would also point out that final paragraph to you as well in this piece. We’ll know in the coming weeks what all these ownership groups from St. Louis, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Detroit and more will be able to do.

The MLS Cup Playoffs take forever | Seattle Times

You’re telling me. Its like once your team is out of it, the whole thing takes even longer.

// USMNT //

Gulati’s decision on Klinsmann will tell us a lot about him |

It doesn’t sound like what we got going into a qualifier before the 2014 World Cup when things were sounding bad. If anything, it sounds far worse.

Who would replace Klinsmann? |

Some how I feel like we’re going to get super close to a firing but only to have nothing actually change.