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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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Can the US avoid going down 0-2-0 in the Hex?

The United States are back in action today as they travel to Costa Rica for a big World Cup qualifying match.

// FC Dallas //

Top moves of 2016 for FCD | Big D Soccer

Yesterday we went over some of our favorite roster moves of the year in 2016 that helped shape the team that won two titles.

New rendering of the HOF shown | Big D Soccer

We were also able to obtain this new image of the HOF yesterday as well. It looks pretty nice but that roof would be better around the entire venue.

Academy teams sweep Lonestar SC |

The young guys of the academy were back in action over the weekend after their Middle East trip. They came home and cleaned up against another Texan team.

Two U-14s called into national team camp |

It feels weird talking about U-14 national teams but they go that deep these days. I have a feeling we’ll be discussing Dante Sealy (Scott Sealy’s son) for years to come here.

// MLS //

Frank Lampard announces his departure from NYCFC | Hudson River Blue

When he was on the field and healthy, he was about as good as you would have wanted a DP to be. But considering the fact that he was injured the majority of the time he was on a MLS payroll kind of puts a damper on his legacy here.

After years of disappointment, TFC have everything in place |

I think it will come down to them and Seattle for the Cup this year but this post is pretty interesting to ponder given TFC’s history.

Schweinsteiger looks certain to join Chicago | 91st Minute

I’m intrigued to see the German legend in MLS for a couple years but just not in Chicago, the land where DPs tend to go to waste.

Are the Fire being primed for sale or relocation? | Hot Time In Old Town

I’d read the first paragraph before you do anything with this but I have to feel bad for Chicago fans these days, they certainly deserve better than they are getting.

This is why Colorado kept Zac MacMath | Burgundy Wave

The guy was pretty stellar before Tim Howard was here but when you don’t play for several months and you have to step up in the post season. Boy that will be tough.

Olave leaving RSL too | RSL Soapbox

And another one leaves.

Atlanta United announces remaining coaching staff | Dirty South Soccer

Dario Sala alert!

// USMNT //

What to watch for as the US take on Costa Rica | Stars and Stripes FC

Here is a good starter for tonight’s game to get you up to speed.