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2016 Staff Predictions Recap

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Who is the winner of all predictions?

The final standings.
The final standings.

The 2016 season is over and gone too soon for FC Dallas. It was a truly wonderful year, however, despite the early exit from the MLS Cup Playoffs. We had a wonderful time here at BigDSoccer predicting all 34 matches of the MLS regular season. Using a wonky point system which is likely to be overhauled for whoever is handling predictions next season, we were able to quantify predictions for this season.

At the end of the regular season, the top two scorers, Phil and I, were tied at 48 points. We decided to go into a winner-take-all prediction of the second leg of the FC Dallas vs. Seattle tie. Phil's prediction was a 3-1 FC Dallas victory at home that would send the Sounders through to the next round. My prediction?

And the rest was history.

Champion - Mohammad Bushnaq (49 points)

I can hear the sore losers now (looking at you, Benjamin). Yes, I was in charge of keeping tabs on the prediction game, but there was a reason Drew tasked me with that responsibility. It was a comeback of epic proportions to catch up to the top of the table and overtake Phil in the "playoff." The moment that sent me to the top was accurately predicting FC Dallas' 2-1 victory of the Sounders to come within striking distance of the Shield. Thanks, Mauro Diaz. Get well soon!

Runner-Up - Phil Luetchford (48 points)

Phil was oh so close to taking the crown this year as the predictor general. His massive six point effort in the last match of the season, a 0-0 draw with the Galaxy, brought him up to the top of the standings. It was an impressive comeback having hovered in 3rd or 4th place throughout the season. I tip my hat to you, Luetchy. One more bounce goes FC Dallas' way in that match and you are the champion. You know what they say, "game recognize game."

Top-Five - Scott Hiney (43 points), Nathan Hill (43 points), and Cody Gamond (41 points)

Kind of like FC Dallas' playoff home and home with Seattle, sometimes all it takes is a couple of games to undo an entire season's hard work. These three gentlemen battled hard and were ultimately undone by their blind love for FC Dallas. Can you blame them? They all predicted victories for the Hoops against the LA Galaxy in the last game of the regular season and their scores were punished as a result. Scott also ignored me for one game and that cost him.

Come On Man - Jason Poon (29 points)

This was a unique season for Jason. When he predicted losses for FC Dallas, they often times won, so he took one for the team sometimes. He also left for a few weeks and predicted those matches a month in advance. We got one of the craziest results of the season when he spot-on predicted the 2-0 win against Real Salt Lake on June 25th despite being off the grid for that one. Jason needs to have a better season next year and stop predicting that FC Dallas wins some matches 176-1 (true story).

This was a fun year of predicting and banter but we are always looking to improve and get more people involved. If anybody has any suggestions, we would love to hear to make the prediction game that much more fun moving forward for all parties.