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Big D Daily: News for Friday, November 11, 2016

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Time for another round of Dos a Cero?

USA v Mexico Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Today is the day that the US are back in action as they kick off the Hex in World Cup Qualifying.

// FC Dallas //

Expansion Draft Projection: The November update | Big D Soccer

Last month we gave you all an early look at who we thought would be protected come Expansion Draft time and yesterday we decided to update that list now that the season has ended.

Zimmerman tops MLS Audi stats for defenders |

While I won’t pretend to even understand the Audi Player Index at all, it is pretty cool to see Walker Zimmerman climb to the top of the list for defenders in all of the league. By the way, the league defender of the year award gets handed out today.

// MLS //

The while week in RSL-land, plus Columbus thoughts |

RSL has been an interesting group to follow this offseason for a number of reasons. But their coaching situation followed up by the departure of Javier Morales has really shown me a few things about this franchise.

RSL keeps Cassar, Morales didn’t want to leave, so now what? | RSL Soapbox

Again, it is an interesting time in Utah. Some of the Morales quotes from yesterday were really intriguing. RSL’s front office has to get in front of this as much as possible.

Houston snags DCU assistant Davy Arnaud | Black and Red United

A couple other coaching changes to discuss today includes one for our rivals down south in Houston.

The MLS expansion team in Miami is ‘really close’ | Toronto Sun

I’m sure it is. Though we’ve also been hearing that for the last, I don’t know, year and a half.

Sacramento’s soccer future could be clear in December | Sac Bee

I missed this post from a couple weeks ago but it is still relevant to share once more. I’d love to just see Miami put on hold and let a city that is truly ready move into their slot.

// US vs Mexico //

A DosACero guide to Columbus | Massive Report

Are you heading to Columbus today? If you are I am jealous.

Bradley and Osorio meet again |

It is kind of crazy the timeline that they two have together.

How Mexico is planning on dealing with Columbus |

That place has haunted them for years but I wouldn’t put it past this group to find a way to get a result today.

Roster balance is central to beating Mexico | FourFourTwo

I still don’t have a ton of faith in Jurgen Klinsmann but a win today would certainly go a long way in restoring some of it.

It is America. But I want to play in Mexico | New York Times

This is a pretty incredible piece, that also has a little Dallas flavor to it.