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Workhorse of the Week vs Seattle Sounders: One Legged Edition

FC Dallas went to Seattle and... fell apart, cut to pieces by the Sounders' cunning, brilliant transition play. Come inside and vote on someone (?) for Workhorse of the Week.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Maxi Urruti for edging out other contenders with FC Dallas winning their first Shield. Heck of a season, and a fan favorite player, for sure.

We turn to our attention to the first leg of FC Dallas' playoff series with Seattle, and... it was not good. Here's a quick journal of how I felt (and many FC Dallas fans felt) as the game got underway and unfolded.


Though we lost Mauro Diaz, we got this, right? A 5 man back line, busca la forma, Pareja knows what he is doing. Our offense isn't looking THAT bad. A couple of goal line clearances, nothing to worry about at all.


Wait a minute. We gave up a goal to Nelson Valdez? This is stupid. What is Maynor Figueroa doing? Is Pablo Mastroeni sitting somewhere laughing as his former Rapids player tanks in a big moment? Two more goals? What the hell is this team doing? Why the heck is Pareja subbing Zimmerman off?


Look. We got this. Maybe if Carlos Ruiz comes on, we'll score a couple of goals and all will be well. I'll take back all of my recent comments about the future of Tesho Akindele if he scores a header. Maybe this was Pareja's plan all along - give up three goals and then score three in the final three minutes?


This series is over. It's over. Done. Finished. FC Dallas should cancel next Sunday. This team is the worst team ever!


Maybe it's not our year for the MLS Cup, but hey, we won the Shield and the Open Cup. What the hell am I complaining about? We are the Prom Queen. We already won the damn season. We are the champions. Let's play our subs and youngsters on Sunday and show how much we respect both the Cup and the pathetic Seattle Sounders.

Go below and vote for somebody if you want, but I can't imagine anyone worth of getting a vote. But maybe I'm wrong and I'm still somewhere on the five stages of grief???